Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stand Firm

Bueno pues!!! Another week has gone by!! changes came and gone. There were lots and lots of them. 25 misionaries left, and 22 came. That is a lot. We got a new AP and lots of new elders were made zone leaders and a new hermana leader. I was SURE it would be Hermana Anderson but it was Hermana Edwards!! She came with me, and I know she will be great. But we stayed the same!! I was not shocked because I have to finish training!!!! We will see what happens in another 6!!! 

Nothing much happened this week. The same old, same old. Chugging along here in good 'ole Rosario. I must say, I am grateful for the members here and the energy they have to help us, and to have Hermana Escobar here with me. The Lord seems to always surround me with people who give me animo and are great examples to me. 

Do you remember Larry? We had to drop him and his wife this week. They just do not want to keep their commitments and right know don't have enough faith in the Lord to marry and get baptized. It is sad because we saw how excited he was for such a long time. But something happened. After all the time he has had with missionaries this was the first time he really went to church and kept at it. We just hope that they will let the missionaries in again in the future and that they will be more ready and willing to change their lives. 

Our family is progressing well even if they did not go to church yesterday. They are willing to change, at least he is. She needs to gain confidence in him to be able to marry him, but he is willing to do the changing and show her that he is. We had a very good lesson with them and the ward mission leader and they passed the SAME situation. It was perfect. They were able to see that it is possible, and necessary. So we will keep working with them. It is funny because Bismar is a big burly man with tatoos and who has done all sorts of bad stuff. But as we teach him he is soft and quiet. After teaching the law of chastity I thought that leaving the pamphlet to read would be enough, but before leaving he asked 'aren't you going to leave me something pretty to read in the Book of Mormon?' That was cool!!! they will get baptized, I know. 

Other than that, things are the same!!! It was interesting too. This week I read a talk from Conference about standing firm in our faith. I don't remember who wrote it. But it talks about how even if the world thinks it is okay and 50 million people are doing it, it still is not okay. Then we were in a lesson that day and a woman told us, but everyone here in Nicarauga does it, so we don't have to get married!!! I just had to laugh a little bit to myself. Sometimes we just don't understand that the Lord's way is the  ONLY way. 

so that is all. I hope you know that I love you!!!! Hope things are going well and that you are all happy and loving laugh :) Keep smiling, keep swimming :) That is what  I have to do! 

love, Your nica sista!!!!!!!!!!  Hermanita Morey

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