Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Paying Attention

Hello, Hello!!! this week has been a good one!! It wasn't so good in numbers, but I know we worked our hardest. I can't believe about Clair. My heart sunk a bit. We don't always understand why we have to pass the things we do, but he is always there to help us and NEVER will give us anything that we cannot bare. He truly loves us and wants to help us. I will be praying for you tons!!! I love you!! 

We were able to have the baptism of Estiven this past Saturday. He was SUPER excited. Everything went well. Neither of his parents came :( But his cousin and one of his friends from the ward baptized him. He was nervous and wanted to go last, but his face was the best when he came out of the water. Then he kept telling us he was a member now. he will be a GREAT missionary. The joy they feel makes it ALL worth it. All the hard times. Hopefully his family will feel the desire to go to church and join him in this great Evangelio (Gospel). (And guess what....we completed with the goal as a mission to baptize 200 people. Exactly 200 people got baptized!)

We had Zone meeting this week and talked about how we can better complete with the goals that President has established. We have been working on seting better commitments so that the people really do follow through with them. The key really is asking them what their hopes and dreams are, and then helping them see that the Gospel brings them all those things (the things like peace and unity in the family, not really cars and money :). And then they really have a desire to complete and really do it, because these are the things they REALLY want. And this week in training (the 12 weeks) we have been studying about teaching people, not lessons. I love learning that. Sometimes we forget that they are people. They have lives and problems. We get caught up in completing the goals we have set and don't realize they are people, not numbers. Like Elder Holland said they are not lifeless objects. We must treat and think of them as children of God, our brothers and sisters. That will help them progress, when they feel the love we have for them. Something that every missionary needs to work on no matter where they are!! 

I am really loving the work here. 2  surprise people came to church yesterday! One had a dream about not being able to go and woke up feeling the need to go. She loved it. The other was the wife of a less active (that was a surprise!). They both could feel the spirit of going to church. We are working super hard. We don't always see the results we want, but the Lord ALWAYS blesses us in some way. Maybe just feeling content that we did our best that day. Maybe it is someone accepting. There are so many frustrations in the mission and life, but if we look for the good things, we will be able to feel happiness. 
   You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.   Paulo Coelho

One more thought. I was studying this week about using the scriptures in teaching because I am not always that great at it. And I found a scripture in Jacob 2:8. It is really good. The scritprues really heal us and help us feel peace and the love God has for us!!! They are really were written for us!!! 

I sure love you all. I know there are always crazy things going on, but thanks to the Gospel we can find peace and joy and happiness. Things that material things can never ever give us. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father that I have this oportunity to share the Gospel with His children in nicaragua!!!! 

I love you!! 

Love, tu chelita, gringa, Hermanita Morey

P.S. Happy Birthday James!!!!! 

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