Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So how is the heat over there in the states?!?! I don't know if it gets hotter here in Managua, or there in the states. I sure feel like I am going to melt when I am there :) 

I can't believe that we are ending this change and that I am entering my last change in the mission!!! IT goes by so extremely fast!!!! I am super nervous. Not ready at all to be at this point in my mission. Not ready to come back to the real world!! Maybe ready to not need to contact tons of people every week....but the rest, not so much!!! But I plan on making this last change my best :) We will see lots of miracles, I am determined for that. And I am only nervous to see where I end. I would like to finish my mission here in Rosario.....cross your fingers :) 

This week has been an interesting week. We have had some ups and downs. We had interviews which were really great. He helped me feel like I am doing alright here and assured me that the baptisms really aren't the most important thing to him, but who we become in the mission. He knew the things that I needed to here! I always feel the spirit super strongly after interviews with him. He is a great president! So my goal: just work my hardest and focus on loving the people the best I can. 

I know you all want news of Larry and Angelica.....well.....Angelica really wants to. But we can't tell if Larry just gives us excuses so that he doesn't have to get married. We aren't sure he is ready to leave his life behind of being able to go out with whoever he wants. But this Wednesday the APs are going to come and see how they can help us!! Hopefully we can help them both see the blessings that the Gospel will bring them and obedience to all of God's commandments will help them in ways that nothing else in this world can give them! But other than that....we are starting from zero again in this area. Back to contacting. President told me he knew that contacting is the bane of my existence...but maybe the Lord wants me to love it by the time I leave. But we are for sure going to find some new people! We are excited for this week!! 

Other than that.....things are just the same! We are working on having faith and patience here. And a little bit (or maybe a lot) of diligence. This week I think we move into the new chappel!! Yeah!! It is SUPER pretty. And I am excited to be able to play the piano there. The piano right now does not have a pedal :) 

Thank you for all your prayers and for your love and support!! You are the best!! I hope you all have a GREAT week and have fun at school and at work. Know I love you muchisimo!!!! 

Con muchisimo amor, Hermanita Morey 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pray For Investigators

Mangua, Managua, Managua, Jinotepe, MANAGUA!!!!!!! That is the sound we here as we travel to Managua...and every other place in Nicaragua. When we travel in buses, they all yell out the destination and try to fill the bus to the brim to make as much money as possible. IT makes traveling super fun :) But we have had to go to Managua for 2 pdays, and will have to go again the next one.....woot!! I don't love Managua because I always feel like I am going to get lost, but I am getting pro at it. AT least we know where the doctor's office is, and how to get to McDonalds after that :) 

We have been able to have a good week!! I really enjoy my companion. We get along really well!! We can laugh a lot, we have fun doing the work even when we get super frustrated, and we talk about our goals and what we can do better. I will be super sad if we have changes....but in the 2 weeks we have together we will do something great!! I just know it. 

We had a wonderful experience this week with Angelica. We stopped by unanouced and asked her if she feels like the Lord is answering her prayers. She told us she has felt peace and tranquility and takes that as her asnswer!! Yay!!!!! That was cool. But then we passed by another day and she told us a huge problem had come up and they are super overwhelmed with that. Larry told us yesterday he got so upset with the Lord he told himself that he would never go back to church or accept us in his house again....its that bad. The only thing that we can do is pray for them, and hope that they can make the right decision. Satan really does not want them to take this step and is doing EVERYTHING to scare them away from it. He did tell us that he was talking to Angelica and said that maybe they have been praying so long asking for answers that now it is time that they get up and act. Pray for them!! I don't really want them to be baptized because I know that the President wants 250 baptisms this week, but because I know the blessings the Gospel will bring them. I know that if they back down now, it will be so hard down the road. We will just have to wait and be patient, and have lots of faith. Hoping for a miracle with them!! 

I think one thing I have learned on the mission is to have confidence in myself. Knowing that I am very imperfect and do a lot of things wrong, and make lots of mistakes, that if I do my absolute best and give my all, that the Lord will help me. He will work miracles through me if I do my part. It does not mean that it will be easy, or that everything will work out perfectly, but I will know that I did my best. I know that the Lord has things for me to learn here, and wants me to stretch and grow in ways that I couldn't have in any other way. Even if I don't baptize the most, even if I don't speak the best spanish, even if I don't teach the best, if I try everyday, I will be able to help someone. It is hard to learn that, but something I think that will help for the rest of my life. I problaby won't be the best mom, or the best sunday school teacher, or best student myself, but if I do my best the Lord will make up for the rest.  

I know the Lord loves us all, and is willing to give us peace when we need it. I know that he knows our potential (which is to be a God!!) and that he is ALWAYS rooting for us. I know that we cannot even comprehend how the Atonement blesses us, but that we can always use it to change and to be better every single day. 

That is my message for today :) Thanks for all of your love and prayers!! I sure love you all!!!! Have a great day and wekk!! And good luck Clair starting your mission! I love you!!! ButI know I am your favorite Hermana Morey :) 

Love always, Hermanita colochita Morey 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You Never Know What's In Store

Hello Hello!!! how are all of you guys doing this week?! I hope that mom had a GREAT birthday!!! the big 50!! Sorry I wasn't there for that...but don't worry, I will throw an egg at you when I get home :) And SO exciting about Clarissa!! Going to California. I always thought it would be interesting to serve in the states after serving here in central America.....and now you get the chance!!! We will see what this next adventure brings you!!!!
This week was another week of searching, and searching, and searching.....looking for new people. But we just never seem to find any!!! An ex bishop told us on Friday that the reason why it is so hard in this area is because everyone really has heard the missionaries before. There are very ver few who never have received them, never talked to people like us before, or the members haven't invited them. So we will see what we do with that information. Like President told us Tuesday. The time for planting the seeds has passed (because everyone has heard the message) now it is time for the harvest, to find the ones who are really prepared to take the step of baptism. I know there are people here...the spirit just has to guide us to whom.
Sadly enough the baptism for the marvelous family Bismar and Kristian fell through.....that was hard. They stopped coming to church and he doesn't want to stop believing in his saints. His mom told us that maybe it is the stress of not having a job. I hope they will make the choice and have the faith and strenght to take the step sometimes soon. We know it will bless their lives greatly, they just have to trust that as well.
So we have to drop one family....but a miracle happened. Larry and ANgelica are ready to be baptized!!!! Wohoo!!! 5 months in the making this miracle. Larry has a true desire now to take the step, and his girlfriend is willing to do it with him!! She has been to church 3 times now and really enjoys it. They can feel the blessings of the gospel in their home. It was interesting to hear the doubts of Larry and Angelice, then Bismar and Kristian. Bismary was just excuses and problems, Larry was worried about falling away afterwards, becoming less active. They are excited, and we are excited for them!!! never know what God has in store for you. We just have to keep working and doing our part, and something great always happens. We are hoping we can find some more people willing to take this step as well!!!!
That is pretty much it for the week. It started raining.....pouring. I wish I could have taken a picture of it!!! Also, we had the miracle of having 7 people in church on The Lord is blessing us. I haven't eaten anyting new.....just saw a pig being butchured....yum. Let me know if there are pictures that you would like to see, things that you would like to know about Nicaragua and my area!!!!
I sure love you all!! I am grateful for this Gospel and the blessings taht I have in my life from it. I know the Lord loves us. I know he is there for us. I know he will bless us when we are obedient.
I sure love you tons!!!!
Love, tu hermanita favorita Hermana Morey
P.S. I really enjoyed this article!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Lord Knows ALL Things

ENTONCES!!!? Como estan todos esta semana!!? Pues here everything is
going well. Still working hard. We had an interesting week this week.
Let me tell you about it :)
 So Tuesday the zone leaders asked us not to put any appointments.
They then told us that they wanted us to contact 100 people that day,
and maintain the 6 lessons, and put 2 dates, especially with families.
do you know how many people are 100? That is a LOT. sometimes we feel
like it is hard to contact the 20 everyday. But we decided tto have
faith and do it!! It was hard. We had to contact EVERYBODY we saw. And
I mean everybody. And even if we didn't find too many people positive,
I do feel like it helped us to get rid of the fear that even me, with
15 months in the mission, feel sometimes to contact people. It didn't
matter if we didn't want to....we HAD to talk to them. And we felt
afterwards that 20 people everyday was no problem at all :) So it was
successful in that way, even if we spent the rest of the week super
    Rosario is going the same as usual. Working to have the faith to
find new people. I have noticed, however, that we find people in the
most unlikely places. Maybe someone we contacted before, a house we
always seem to pass by with the feeling to contact but we never do it,
family of members who beforehand weren't positive, etc. The Lord has
people prepared, we just have to be willing to go where he wants us
to!! Even though it is hard for me here, I will keep giving it my all
so that I can say I held nothing back to help people learn of the
gospel here. But even though it is so hard, I still love it here.
Bismar and Kristian didn't come to church again, so we have to see
what impedes them from coming, and what their doubts are (I think they
are nervous about getting married). We pray that a miracle will happen
and that 1 of our 2 families will get baptized this month.
    In Zone meeting this week the ZLs announced that President has
uped the goals of exelence....yikes. So now we have to contact 24
people daily, teach 7 lessons, 4 lessons with less actives or
converts, and 6 people or more in church every week. It is hard, and I
feel so especially here in Rosario. But the funny thing was that the
next day in my studies I read the par where Nephi says 'I will go and
do the things the lord commands. I know that he provides a way he
wants me to obdy' and then the next chapter where he talks about how
the Lord commanded him to make another set of plates and he didn't
understand why, just that it was a commandment, and the Lord knows all
things. I know it it something I can be applying to me and my area
right now!! do what is asked, even when I do not understand all
   I hope that you all know that I know the church is true!!! I love
the Gospel. It is NOT easy. It will never be easy. We choose the
harder route. But we learn from Lehi's dream (one of my favorites)
that at the end we have a wonderful surprise waiting for us, one that
makes it all worth it. We will be so happy that we chose this path and
made the right choises even when it was hard, even when it was not
popular. We all have to remember that sometimes. think of the
eternity, not just the right now. Remember the promises and God has
made us and know that he always follows through. I know he loves us

 I love you all!!! I hope you have a great week!!! Tell me what
happens with Clair!! I want to know!!!

con mucho amor,
    hermanita colochita Morey