Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time Flies

This week has been a good week!! I have gotten used to Rosario and feel like I know where I am going and where the people are. I can't believe that I have almost been here for a transfer! How fast the time goes. I can't believe Clair is in Bolivia getting used to things there. I wonder if we do any of the same things, if the culture is the same at all :) We are both in 3rd world countries, no? 

I will tell you about one of the investigators we have: Larry. He has talked to the missionaries for about 20 years (wow, right?) and has listened everytime. But this time he has decided to really look for an answer. He has come to church 3 times and is reading the BOM and praying. But whenever he asks, he tells us he hasn't receieved an answer yet. We have explained and shared, and broght memebers but it doesn't seem to help. We tell him his desire to know more, is part of his answer. But yesterday the Bishop and his counselor went to give his baby a blessing who is very sick. We passed by later in the night to see how things went. He told us that today he had some things he wanted to share with us. Hopefully that means he got his answer or can recognize his answer!!! 

Here in Rosario I feel like the people are a little harder. Maybe because they are more well off than people in my other areas. It is interesting how humility really helps prepare us to receive the Gospel. But we have been able to find some people who are prepared. It is hard because that one person is inbetween contacting and teaching 50 other people. But I absolutely LOVE the feeling when we find someone who is prepared and willing to listen. The Lord really does guide us and help us to find the people who ahve been searching for answers. 

Even though sometimes it is very hard being a missionary and sometimes I don't ever want to contact again, I know it is such a wonderful work. We get the chance to help others feel the same blessings we do and receive Salvation. The Lord loves each and every one of us and wants us all to be happy. His work and his Glory is to bring about the eternal life of man. And as I learned this week in the BOM, he loves all of us, but he favors the people who are obedient. he always wants to bless us, but until we are obedient, He really cannot do anything. 

We still have not entered the rainy season, but it is a little toasty here!! 

I sure love you all!! have a great week!! Good luck with school and work and missions :) I pray for you daily!! 

Love always, 
      Your nica sista, Hermana Morey

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chickens and Roosters

Como est├ín?! Espero que estan disfrutando su tiempo en Utah y la vida :) 

This week has been good!! Pedro was able to get baptized!! I don't think I have ever seen anybody so excited and determined to be baptized and really change their life. he is incredible to me!! He gave us a few scares because he wasn't there twice when we passed by so that he could be interviewed, but Friday afternoon we were finally able to get it done. Every time we passed by he told us all the temptations he had had, how many people had asked him why he is choosing the Mormon church and how he just started sharing what we believe, and how the church is true. That really shows how converted he is. He has never looked back since the moment he made the decision to be baptized. It has been so cool to get to know him. 

We had divisions on Wednesday and I got the oportunity to work with Han Perez (my second companion) again. It was interesting to see how much we have changed. Mostly me. I feel like in my time in Juigalpa I learned to have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities as a missionary. It was cool and I got the opportunity to get to know some special people and have good spiritual experiences. That is something that I love about the mission. The chance I get to get to know so many people and their experiences. Missionaries and people alike. it is incredible!! 

Talking about experiences. Sundays we always eat with the bishop and stake president (stake president is the dad, bishop his son). The stake president has been a member since just before they took all the missionaries out because of political problems and the members did not have the right to go to church, just meet in secret in their homes. He told us they had to go take the sacrament to all of the houses of people they knew who were members. This persecution was really just against our religion. The persecution started in about 78 and didn't end until the 90s. Pte. Russell's dad (at the time a member of the 70) visited the members here in Rosario and told them that big changes were about to happen. Those word turned out to be prophetic. Elections were about to come, and when they did, religious freedom came. Missionaires came back, and they were able to meet in buildings and practice how they wanted. 

As he talked about that, all I could think is how incredibly lucky we are to be able to preach, and praise God how we think and know is correct. Never have I really appreciated that like right now. People really have gone through a lot to be able to worship how they believe. I am grateful for that this week! 

Nothing too much happening here!! We still haven't quite entered the rainy season here. I am getting used to the cool weather here in Rosario so I feel a little hotter :) There are lots of pretty flowers here. And plenty of dogs and cats. Chickens and roosters enter all the houses like it is their own :) 

Wish us luck this week!! Hope you all are doing well!! Happy Brithday BUM!! And can't believe Clair goes to Bolivia!! 

I love you all!! Have a GREAT week!! 

Love, tu hermanita Morey 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Who's Going to Win This Week?

First of all, Happy Mother's day!! I hope all the woman had a GREAT day. I sure loved getting to talk to you guys and see how you are doing!! I love you all tons!!! No se precupan, ya me voy :) 

It has been a good week!! We were able to finally find some people and put some dates with them. WE just hope they keep progressing. There are so many people taht the Lord has prepared. There is one man that we found who is so curious about the church and wants to have an answer. We just hope that he an recognize the answer that the Lord gives him. WE are also working hard with members so that they can find people who are ready. We never know who is ready and who the Lord has been preparing, so we ask them to pray and the first name taht comes to their mind to share it with us. Members really do have such an important roll!! 

We have a baptism this Saturday, a man named Pedro. He is very excited and SO commited. He really understands the importance of baptism and making this covenent with God and not with any of us. And he already shares the Gospel with everyone he comes into contact with!! We are excited for him! 

Not much else to share!! We have been working hard here and enjoying our time together!! I have been reading in Helaman this week about the Nephites and their pride cycle. They can't ever get rid of the pride they have, and that always brings their destruction. Where before the Lord protected them and saved them from all dangers, now they have to work with only human strength, which is not enough. How important it is for us to have the Lord on our side!! He will help us through all of our struggles and help us conquer all of our battles!! 

So who is going to win this week?! Satan, or us? Of course us!! So go win the battle!!! 

I love you all!! Have a GREAT week!! Beth, Good luck with AP tests!! And Zack with work!! I will be praying for you daily!! 

Love, your nica hermanita!! Hermana morey

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hasta verrrr hasta verrrr, para siempre Dios este con voz. 

So drumroll!!!!! Cambios!!! I had changes!! I am now back in the Zone I started in (Jinotepe) but my area is called Rosario 2. It is extremely different than Jigalpa. And my heart is still in Juigalpa :( But I know I will grow to love my new area and the people here. It is flat, no hills. It is very cool. Here it feels like spring time. I don't sweat very much and don't need a fan. That is so strange for me. The area is very small. We don't have too many investigators, but we are going to change that!! I know there are people that we need to find and help obtain the blessings and joys of the Gospel. It is a ward here (my first one!) and the members are EXTREMELY nice and friendly. All happy to have me here. They all tell me that here is a little piece of heaven for the sisters. And I think that that is true. 

Even though I feel very out of place and homesick for Juigalpa I have been doing my very best to love where I am and be the best where I am. At changes Hna. Russell talked about how we need to take the opportunity of changes to change all of the bad habits, and to be the best missionary we can. So that is what I am trying to do!! I have made a goal to keep a gratitude journal and write down 3 things everyday that I am thankful for (even if it is rice and beans again for lunch :) And I want to be braver and more loving. To not have fear of anything and just give these last months my all. Work harder than I ever have before!! So lets do it!! 

We have one investigator who is just so excited to get baptized. Everytime we teach him a commandment he says that he will complete with it, that he has promised the Lord he will change his life and never look back. It is really cool to see the excitement in him. So we have a baptism prepared for him on the 17th. 

Other than changes, there isn't too much to tell. We have a lot of work to do here and I am not really sure how to do it. I have never been really good at having lots of investigators and families, but I know that is what the Lord wants from us. We are thinking of new ways to invite people and help them feel that our message is true. All we can do is do our best!! Wish us luck!!! 

Keep working hard and doing your best everyday!! I love the scripture in D&C 64:33-34 that talks about how by doing small things everyday that are good, we are building a strong foundation. Even if we can't see it, we are building it. Just keep working away at it!! 

I hope you know how much I love you all!! Thank you for all of your prayers and love!!! 

Love, Your Hermanita Morey 

P.S. I would love to get letters (dearelders if you want) of blessings and miracles that you have seen in your daily lives. Put a joke in there if you want to make me laugh! :) 

New companions!