Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We're Over Halfway!!!

I can't quite believe that another week has gone by!!! The time goes by really fast and now that I am halfway done I really want to give it my all and do my best. Not bakc down. To have the courage to talk to EVERYONE and really be more like Christ. We will see how the next few months go!! I have faith, so I know it will be alright.
This week was good!! We went to Managua on Frideay to listen to President Soares and Elder Ochoa. That was REALLY cool. Hna. Russell spoke only in spanish for her fisrt time (usually her husband translates for her) you could really feel the spirit when she spoke. And we learned a LOT from these great men. We learned about the importance of really making sure that our investigators are converted and have testimonies before their baptisms (we are just condemning them and making the work harder if they aren't). We laerned what it really means to be  disciples of Christ (really talk to EVERYONE and realize that we ahve the power and authority. So I have been working on telling myself that I really have that power, there is nothing to fear). And also what it really means to be worthy (not just obeying the big commandments, but ALL). It was really good. And then on Wednesday we will go to hear from Elder Ochoa the area president.
It was cool becuase it was both the missions combined so I got to see some people from the CCM that I haven0t seen in a long time. But it was VERY spiritual and a boost to keep going for the next 9 months!!!
Elder Cook was in El Salvador and told the missionaries there that the end really is coming fast. Said taht all of the revelations (like the age change) are really because there isn't much time left. And even though we have a lot of scary revelations as to what is going to happen in the last days this morning I read the talk from Pres. Packer from this past conference. He talks about the peace and joy and hope that we have as members of the Church of Jesus. We can really find peace in the scriptures. We really ave the Truth!! how lucky are we, and how great of a responsibilitty we have to share it with the rest!! The end is near....but we have nothing to fear. We alrady know who wins the fight.
We have had to drop a lot of people who aren't progressing. I feel a lot like the families run from us. We have much more success with the women. Jose Manuel (Luvy's son) is counting the days till his baptism! But the baptism we just had, we are told she left Juigalpa with a man....hate it when that happens. But I just hope she really chooses one day to change her life for the better and follow what we taugt her. We are being braver with puting dates on the first meeting with people and trying to be better about contacting and looking for families. Wish us luck!
I hope you know how much I love the Gospel!! It is so extremely hard, but so worth it. Like hailey says: if it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be worht it! And we really did choose to come here. Chose to take on the challenge. And if it were easy, it wouldn't be as worthwhile and fun. And we get the chance to learn to be Gods ourselves!! Can't waith to see how we really did when we get to the other side!
I don't have time this week....but remind me to tell you the history of the mission here in Nicaragua next week. And tell me if you know where Uncle Chris served?
I love you all very much!!! Keep working hard and doing great things!!!! I love hearing what is going on with you all!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and help.
Love, Hna. Calocha!


Sariah called this her "hermana de cabello"

Iguana egg, anyone? (Apparently it tastes better than turtle egg)

The hill they occasionally "get" to walk up

Monday, January 20, 2014

Un Bautismo!!

So this week we started off really trying to complete with the goals president has for us: 20 contacts everyday 6 lessons, 3 with converts and less actives. Then wednesday we had just about one of the hardest days of my mission. One of the girls we have been preparing for baptism didn't know her date of birth, and couldn't get a hold of her parents for permission, Then as we talked to her Wednesday we felt she was lying to us and she said she was going to be going to her farm for about a month. We were SUPER bummed.

Then we went by on Thursday to talk straight with her, figure out what is really going on and if she really wants to be baptized. As we talked to her, asking questions inspired by the spirit as to why she wanted to get ba`ptized she showed us she really wanted to until she said she wanted to get baptized that Saturday!! We couldn't believe it. so we rushed to plan a baptism in 1 day. But it went throuugh!! To this day, I still can't quite believe that we had the baptism. She is 18 years old and pregnant with her second child. Very excited to start her new life! 

But then Sunday (which I am convinced is not a day of rest) we were running everywhere!! Leidy almost didn't go to her branch to get confirmed (she thoughtit would be okay if she went to the one in the afternoon). But luckily we were able to get her there in time to be confirmed at the end of the meeting. whoo! What a relief. Then after church we were about half dead, all the new families we had found during the week hid from us. It is funny because we KNOW they are there and we had that appointment to pass by. But they don't answer. I don't know why they don't just tell us that they aren't interested. I thank the people who tell us that. But the Lord blessed us to have a good attitude as people hid and gave us the wrong addresses. But we were happy to get some rest last night. I don't know if I have ever been so tired in my life!!! 

Overall it was a good week! I was able to study about obedience and learn that God really can't do anything for us if we aren't obedient. It is important!!! Up to he will put stumbling blocks in our way to help humble us and help us be more obedient. 

This week we look forward to hearing from some general authorities!! It should be good! And we will continue working hard and doing our best to follow the spirit!! Life is good,but hard here in Nicaragua!! But I love Juigalpa and love my district. Don't want to get cahnged, but we will see what happnes!!!

Have a great week!! I love you all!!! Keep reading your Libro de Mormon! and tell me what you learn!!! 

Love, your colocha!

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Sounds of Roosters and Birds Chirping

Helllo Hello!!!! It has been a crazy but exelent week!!!! 

This week I complete my 9 month mark....wow!!!! It has gone by so fast!!! And to think that Kara has been out for a year....can't believe it! It is all downhill from here! 

Tuesday we had one of the best first lessons I have ever had. We watched the Restoration and the brother of our investigator REALLY could understand the spirit. He told us he felt really good when he watched it and also about how many people ask how they can know God exists when they haven't seen Him or heard His voice. 'I know, because I have felt him' how powerful!!! We haven't been able to see him since, but I know that at least he was able to feel a little bit of the truth!! And I am thoroughly convinced the Lord gives us those experiences so that we can keep going through all the hard :) But they are moments that let me know the Lord loves me and all of his children!!! 

Wednesday at the end of the day we got a call saying that we had to go to Managua to see how we as trainers are doing our job!! Woot! Since we live in Juigalpa that meant getting up at 3. But we made it there in time and it was good!! Just talking about the importanc we have as trainers, making sure we are obedient, and verifying that we really are doing what we need to be to train well. They check our planners, 12 weeks, lessons, etc. But we are doing all right! Hna Aquian is the only missionary in her group to have finished all of her lesson plans (I felt proud of her there!). 

Friday we had interviews with President. I was a little nervous he would get after me. Or as we say here Machete me. But it went very well. I felt extremely peaceful with him and he helped me figure out a few things. He let me know I am doing alright and am not failing in my duty as a trainer :) He also told me that we are companions for a reason. I am who she needed. And she defenitely is who I needed!! We are super happy together!! But that went well. 

Saturday we had a SUPER day. Worked really hard and really efficiently. Completing all of our goals. And to top it all off we contacted someone famous here in Juigalpa. He is like a senator or something. But he was really nice to us and had some good questions. Said he would read the BOM!

Mom, you wanted to know how we find people to teach here. Really it is just about contacting. Sometimes we will get references from members. Some missionaries say that is the best way to have success (which it probably is). But the best way we find people is through contacting on the street, contacting in their houses. just contacting, contacting, contactin. it is tiring but we have to do it in order to find new people!!! 

Even though not everything goes right I feel extremely happy and an extreme amount of peace- I know that the Lord is with me, and that if I try my best I will be able to find the epople who are ready!! And if they don't get baptized, I at least try to give them love!!! I love being a missionary!! NEver thought I would say that 8 months ago :) Every morning we wake up to the sounds of roosters and birds chirping. During studying we hear music, neighbors fighting, people vending (people walk around vending ALL day). And vending means selling, sorry. There is a lot of noise and a lot of motion here. At the end of the day everyone comes out of their house to sit out in the cool air and chat with each other. People are very friendly and love to hear the 'word of God.' there are always lots of animals-mostly cats and dogs. It is so different, but so good!!! 

And if anyone tries to tell you that God has shut the doors and there is no revelation in these days...don't believe them!! It isn't true!!! I know that the Church is true, I know that God loves us!!!! 

have a GREAT week everyone!! Good luck recovering Clair! Have fun in church and school and at home!!! Don't freeze to death, and I won't burn to death!!!!! 

Love you ALL!! Choose the Right!

Love, your Nica Hermana 
      Hna. Morey

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looking for Creativity

Wow!!!! 2013 has come to a close and we are now in 2014!!!! Can you believe that!!! I can't. Can't believe that I come home this year!!!! Sometimes I think how can I do 9 more months! But most of the time I wonder if maybe I can do 2 years :) But you really can't these days. A new rule in the chuch is that you can only extend 30 days past your mission mark and really only to fit the transfer.

As you know, last week was new years!! Woot!!!! But I don't think yours was as noisy as here!!! Fireworks are REALLY big here!!!! And they use some that we aren't allowed to use. They are pretty scary! Some even chase you! But we did get to see how they explode these old men!! That was interesting. Then the next day we saw a LOt of drunks. Probably for about 2 days after new years.

My companion celebrated her 30 birthday this week!!! So that was a lot of fun! Our lunch cita did something really big for her. Like what they celebrate for their 15 birthday because it is fifteen times 2!! Woot!!! 

nothing really big has been going on here. We are trying to work even harder than we have been to see miracles in our area (which we need!!) Working really hard to find new investigators and help strenghten our branch here. I am really learning patience and

diligence with the people here. When they don't want to listen, or don't want to commit, lie to us. Patience to keep working hard even though we don't see a lot of the fruits of our labors. But we will keep working hard!!!! We don't plan on stopping. 
But any ideas on how to be creative with contacts and with working with members? 

We have interviews with the President this week!! We will see how those go!! I know I am working my hardest, so I am not too nervous. 

Wish us luck in finding new investigators and helping us with the branch!!!! I hope everything goes well with you guys and that you have a great week!!!! Clair, I hope you heal well!! And Zack, Beth, and Mere back in school!! Woot!!!! I hope you know how much I love you all!!!! 

Just one spiritual thought: this week I read Jacob 5 and for the first time really understood it. In verse 72 I think it is the Lord of the Vineyard says taht he is working with his servants. He talks about how if we work diligently in these last days, we will be able to share the fruits and joy of the labors. Even thought the work is hard, it will be worth it!! We are in the last days!! And we have to finish strong!!! Like hailey wrtoe me one week: who is going to win? Satan or us? We already know who wins, we just have to keep staying strong!! Show the Lord whose side we are on. he loves us all very very much!! 

Have a GREAT week!!!! Stay STrong, and Choose the right always!!! 

Love, your nicaraguan colocha, Hna, Morey!

p.s. sorry this email was a little shorter and less exciting :) Until enxt week!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Eat or...To Eat Some More

Hello!!! Feliz navidad y un prospero año!!!!
I hope that you all had a GREAT Christmas!!!! They do a LOT of fireworks here for Christmas. And here, Christmas doesn't really start until 12am on 25. Then they put baby Jesus out.

On Monday as a district we went and sange carols. That was REALLY fun. We walked so much, but we could really feel the spirit of Christmas. The last famioly we sang to said he wished he could feel that feeling everyday of the year. It was a great experience.

But 24 they eat. a LOT. We had 3 dinner citas that day. We ate with our investigator Luyy (it was really good, and we finished with some cake!) then Hna Aquian said that she could fit some more in if she had to, so we were okay to go eat with our Lunch cita who prepared a big dinner surprise for us. But then I reminded her we had said we would pass by with the Relief Society President. Boy she gave us a TON. It is called Arroz ala valancia. Wow. I ate almost all of it, but really could not. And yes, I did throw it all up as soon as we started walking. The joys of a mission. But in case you forgot, we did have to go to one more place!!! I felt alright because I had nothing in my stomouch, but my poor companion!!! You should have seen the look on her poor face.
Christmas night we didn't really sleep because of all of the Booya (noise). Fireworks, partying, dancing. And then for new years they make old men out of clothes and fill them with fireworks and fir them off to show that the old year is over! Fun stuff!! Our convert wanted us to get permision to come by at midnight to see it....yeah, we aren't even going to try. But about our convert. We baptized Luvy again. I am so glad we did. It was incredible!! The spirit was SO strong. And while EVERYTHING went wrong last week, this one went so smoothly. Really could feel the spirit testify that this work is true!! Anybody who feels that, can't deny it. And if they do, so sad for them. But she, too could feel a big difference. She is incredible!!
Friday we had the mission activity. They had a presentation with all the fotos of the baptisms we have had in the past months, that was really cool. then they showed us pictures of all of our families :) That one was a fun surprise. Then they gave us all madalions with the temple on it and DyC 4. It is really cool. It was a fun activity and fun to see all of my missionary friends and hear how they are doing :)
Saturday we had District Meeting which my companion and I taught. Afterwards our Zone Leader handed me the Liahona with a talk that said How do I have success as a missionary? I don't know what he was trying to say by it, but I read it anyways. It was actually really good. Focusing more on doing your best than comparing my success with the success of others, or my numbers. Really just to have faith and work my hardes.t. So that is my goal. To focus on the 10 points of a missionary with succes in Chapter 1 in PMG. To be happy when maybe others have more numbers than I do. To just do my absolute best, try to do better, and look to the Lord  for a measure of how I am doing. It is a really good Liahonna!!!

We are doing well here in Juigalpa!! Sorry there aren't any fotos, next week!!! It was so good to see your faces on Wednesday! The time went by way to fast!!! Glad to know you are all doing well!!!! Tell me how reading your Book of Mormon goes!!!
Keep holding to the Rod!!! Keep walking to the tree of Life:) And Just keep swimming!! I love you all tons and tons!!!! Have a GREAT week!! Know that I am praying for you!! And keep doing your best!!!!
   Your nica Sista!!! Morey!!!