Thursday, July 24, 2014

Answers to Prayers

Hola, como están ustedes!¡? Espero que todo bien, y que están felices y progresando bien. I will write quickly because there is not much time! 

Saturday was a big day here. It is the day that Nicaragua obtained independence. Sandanista is the political party that is in power right now. Everyone who works basically is obligated to go to Managua to celebrate (very different, no?) If you have a good job, you have to declare yourself as sandanista and show that you are to be able to get the job. So buses after buses passed by to take all the people there. Managua is PACKED and really just lots of partying goes on. So Rosario was pretty calm and quiet but we were able to get some work done¡! So that was exciting. 

But the big news..........WE FOUND A FAMILY!!!!!! Really, we had taught them once and they had come to church....but they accepted a date. It is Bismar and Kristian. SUPER super prepared. The  Lord really blessed. us. And I know that it is for your help, prayers, and fasting. Thank you SO so much for caring about the work I do here and giving us the extra help we need. REally. the Lord has blessed us, and blessed them, and all because we have been working hard and doing our best. They do need preparation and need to get married and he needs to stop smoking, but they have had good experiences and want to keep going!!!! We passed by Tuesday and Bismars uncle started telling us Mormons werent welcome there because they were catholic. Bismar said no, no, no. I like this church. You be nice to them! That was pretty cool. They are obtaining a testimony!! We will let you know how that goes!! 

REally, I love you all. I love this work. Sometimes it is terribly hard, boring, frustrating, but the good moments really make up for all the bad. This work really is a demonstration of the love the Lord has for ALL of his children. I know that we can find the answers we need in the BOM. That the Lord will comfort us when we need it and lift our burdens. If we feel bad....that is satan, he wants us to feel bad about ourselves. Look for the small blessings and miracles around you, I know that that has helped me in my life! I know that in this Church we have the true authority of God restored by Peter James and John, to Joseph Smith. Even though we, as members are very imperfect, the church is perfect. It brings me such joy and can it not be true!!! 

Have a great week. Keep up the great work!!! I sure love you and pray for you!! 

Love always and Forever (Name that movie!)
      Hermanita Morey

p.s. I got my TRUNKY papers!!! AHHHH! 

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