Thursday, July 17, 2014

Learning Life Lessons

Hello!!! I hope you are doing well and enjoying life. We, here are desperate for some rain....It is the time of rain and it hasn' we are a little worried about that. Hopefully it rains soon or Nicaragua will be in big trouble!!! 

How do you feel about Germany winning the world cup? Here everyone is super bummmed...they wanted Argentina. But what can you do when the Germans are just so awesome :) But at least people won't have the excuse of watching fĂștbol to not listen to us :) 

It has been a good week!! I notice that we have been working harder and harder. Trying to keep up with the reglas de exelencia (goals of exelence). It is hard sometimes because I feel like I am working the hardest I have ever worked in my mission, but seeing less results. I try to analyze the work we do to see if maybe there are things we need to change. We have lessons, contact, invite people to be baptized but they just are not interested!!!!Saturday while we were walking trying to find people to teach the thought came to my head that I am learning things that will help me after the mission. The Lord has things for us to learn here, so we just gotta do our best and make the best of it!!! But really, at the end of the day there always is a little miracle that we just have to look for them. But we know there are people waiting for us, we just gotta keep working, working working, and walking, walking, walking, contacting everybody. 

WE were able to have another miracle in church Sunday. 2 of our families actually came!!! One husband told us that he wanted to get baptized when he was 9 but his uncle told his mom no. Then he stopped going and got into bad habits. He told us he really likes the church and that his whole life would have turned out differently if they would have let him get baptized. They both enjoyed it a lot. We hope they and the wife of a less active accept their dates tongight!! They want to know more, now they just need to demonstrate their faith by accepting the goal!! Thank you for all your prayers for us!!! They really do help. 

I was asked to teach District Meeting on Friday (which I don't love too much) But I really had had one planned for a long time. I had them write down a name of somebody they loved who isn't member then they practiced inviting investigators to do something. Then I talked about the importance of the goals we put but how we cannot get so lost in the numbers and trying to impress others that we forget that they are people. Aksing them to analyze what is our true, deep desire. Help people, or have high numbers? Then we practiced again, this time imagining the investigator was this person they loved. Trying to emulate that love they feel for that person, to their investigators. AS they practiced the spirit was SO stron. I could feel them realizing that it really is important. That they are children of God and we cannot forget that in all the work we do. They need salvation and the blessings we have. It was a good experience. Now we just have to put it into practice!!!! 

Other than that nothing too much is happening. I can't believe the change is ending and we will see what happens for the next 3 months!!! I am doing well and determined to work hard up until the last day!! I know I can rest to my hearts content at the end, but here I cannot get the time back. 

I know that this is the true Church. I know that our HEavenly Father loves EACH and every one of us. He is willing to reach out and give us a little push when we need it, hold our hand when we need it. I have felt that love that he has for me, and the love he has for his children. I hope we can all feel it. I am SO grateful for the gospel. Grateful for el Libro de Mormon which helps me feel that love. I know that our Savior lives! and that through him we can do EVERYTHING!!!! 

I sure love you all. Thank you for everything!!!!! Have a great week!!! 

Love, your nicaraguan sister 
        Hermana Morey

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