Monday, July 7, 2014

The Power of Words

Hello!! I hope you were able to have a good 4th of July!!! I kind of forgot about it :) 

This week has been a week of testing our faith, diligence, and obedience. The goal is to find new families (that means inviting them to be baptized and them accepting and we don't have ANY) So we spent lots of time contacting and searching for that family, putting faith in the Lord that we would be able to find that family. Friday Night we actually spent until 9:30 out working trying to find them. Sadly we were not able to find them, but we will continue working. The Lord has some people prepared to listen to our message. WE just have to keep going until we do. It was hard to not have any families accept the invitation we made for them, but we felt good knowing that we tried our best. And that is all we can ask for: the Lord's approval. 

But we did have a miracle Sunday. WE had about 11 people commited to come to church (the goal is every week 5). And they were for sure about 9 of them. As we left the house to look for people one by one they fell. Not at home, not ready...etc. I felt SUPER frustrated but kept my calm. Praying for a miracle. We were able to bring 2 and a convert brought his son. Then as the reunions ended, we found that 2 more really had come. One that we had commited, and a less active we met Saturday brought her husband. I was shocked. It didn't turn out as we planned, but the Lord blessed us for our hard work and faith and fasting helped. I just told my companion that the Lord blessed us with a miracle and we could see the blessings of fasting. It showed me that Lord has his own ways of doing things!!! 

We are working super hard, and enjoying the work. REally forgetting ourselves and giving everything of ourselves. It isn't always really never is easy, but we just keep chugging along :) We are happy together and happy in the work!!! 

I was studying a talk by Eler Holland this week about the power of the words we say. REally they have a power and effect on the people around us. Saying something nice and lift somebody's day and help lift them out of their gloom. Saying something harsh and biting can hurt someone for years to come and very hard to take back. Christ is an example to us of the type of words we need to use. I know  I can always work on the way I say things and thinking before talking. 

I sure hope you know how much I love you!! The time is going by SUPER fast. I can't believe I almost only have 2 changes left. But we are making the most of it here in Rosario. You are all incredible examples to me!! Keep up the awesome work!! I love hearing your stories. Have WONDERFUL weeks!!! 

  Hermanita Morey  

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