Thursday, April 3, 2014

Swedish Fish

To start things off!! Thank you so much for the Birthday package!! Finally got it!!! Loved the letters. I shared the swedish fish with the elders and the nortes all about died of happiness at seeing them again, and the Latinos were a little confused as to why it was so popular. But they were really good!! And the skirts are very pretty!
Is anybody else excited for Conference this weekend?!?! I sure am. I love the prophet and apostles and cannot wait for what the Lord has to say to us. I know we will all receive answers and revelation if we pay attention. I like to write down a few questions I have or things I need help with, and usually all three are answered. The Lord really loves us to give us this opportunity. And we are all praying for a temple here in Nicaragua!! How great would that be?! Incredible
This week went by VERY quickly. I don't know if it is just me, or if life is just passing by super rapidamente!!!!! But we had an excelent week. Even though Betzabeth ended up not getting batpized. We passed by on Friday to do the interview and the mom was not on the same page, wasn't in Juigalpa and wasn't going to come home in time and the dad didn't invte his famiy (they are ALL members and want to come. Who wouldn't?) So for General conference it got postponed for the 12 of April. Let us all hope ti goes well!! My companion was pretty sad, but I feel like this way it will be better, and she will ahve a better experience. And what does the date matter if she eventually does take the step? Pray that she does get baptized the 12th please!!!
We have been teaching a family that is really golden. The man wo said he would never change his religion he believes so strongly in the virgin? He and his mom (who couldn't walk well) and his girlfriend came to church. We had such an incredibly spiritual experience with them on Saturday with the mom asking how she can know which church is true. She wants to know so badly. The Elders came to give her a blessing and all she could do was cry and cry because she knows she will be able to walk again. And the husband came to the baptims and said that he think they will put the goal for baptism (which we still ahve not been able to put) much sooner. They were wantign 4 months but feel like they are getting answers. We are nervous to put a date because they don't want the pressure, but they need a goal. We are praying hard to know what to do. They also told us he as to get divorced (if we do that quickly it costs $3,000 cordobas) and they have to get married ($300) and they have NO money. There is a lot to do to help them, but they are really receiving blessings and answers and doing what we invite them to. We hope and pray everything goes well with them. If I don't see them get baptized, I know they will take the step. Hope that makes sense!!!
On Friday we had zone conference. The Elders had us go out and practice putting fechas or dates in contacts. In 5 minutes. They would like us to practice doing that. They really want to help us have the faith to baptize. But I must say I don't like it too much. I feel like I am attacking the people and putting a date just for the sake of it. I think they need to feel something before accepting a date. But we will try it and see how it goes!!!!
Everything is going well here. We are happy and working hard!! I always try to be happy while working no matter whether it is hot, or raining, or we are tired. I hope you all have great experiences in conference!!! I love you all fiercely. Hope the letter wasn't too jumbled as I tried to rapidly put a week of craziness in an email.

I know the Lord loves each and every one of us. he wants to help us in our struggles and help us be better. Just remember that we always can. And we are working and preparing to become Gods one day!!!
Have WONDERFUL weeks. Know I love yoiu all very very much.
Go do some good!!
Hna. Morey

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