Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ups, Downs, and Mediums

Hello!!!! I hope you are doing well whether you are in the U.S. or other parts of the world :) Know that I love you no matter where you are! 

This week was a little crazy. With ups and downs and mediums. So transfers or changes were this week. My district leader told me to keep my suitcases where they were :) So that means I will complete about 8 months here in lovely Juigalpa. But that is okay. Hermana Anderson did leave :( I am pretty sad about that. Who knows, maybe we will be together in the next 6 months. You never know!! 

So just to tell you something about the food that I ALWAYS mean to tell you but I always forget. You know oatmeal? Yeah, we don't eat it, we drink it:) If you want to try it just get a bunch with sugar and milk or water and mix it together. A nice refreshing drink :) jajaja I don't mind it too much. And there is a fruit that I LOVE right now - jacote (something like that) it is green and acidy. I will send you a picture. 

I had to give a talk yesterday in church. I feel like talks are something I will never be good at. Not that I get nevous....just always forget what I want to say. But I talked about the BOM which is my favorite topic ever. If only everyone would read it!!!! 

I think one of the things that is always very sad for me is when we contact someone and we feel they are chosen, they are prepared. We teach them, they tell us they love it, to come back. We come back, and they hide from us. I leave asking my companion : Why do they tell us to come back, that they love us, if they have no intention of receiving us again?  I just have to hope that we planted a seed and that some future date they will be willing to make the changes necessary. It is just hard to get our hopes up and then have them fall and we have to keep looking for the ones ready to make the changes right now. It is hard to find the animo after that, but we always do. What else can we do but keep going? It is one thing that I feel I have never lost in the mission, the hope that people will change, and will do what they commit to do. I always keep hoping. Don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing :) I will keep believing it is good

We have a family that we are teaching who won't except a baptismal date, and didn't come to church yesterday because there was no water (one of the hazards of Nicaragua). But I feel like they are prepared. He told us he would NEVER change his religion. But he came to church the week of stake conference and LOVED it. They are reading the BOM and loving it, and praying. They have doubts and fears, but I feel like if they keep going like this and show the Lord they are willing to work for their answer, they will do what the Lord asks of them. We are super excited for them and we have really high hopes and faith. 

This week we will be having a baptism!! It is quite a miracle. There has been a lot of pressure to baptize and the Elders kept asking me if we were going to baptize this month...we are in last place in the competition in the mission. I felt bad telling them no, but what can we do? But here is what happened: Her name is Betzabeth. She is 12. Her mom is a member but is living with the dad of Betzabeth (they have about 17 years together). They can't get married because she has to get divorced and they need money for that, and she can't find her husband (hate it when that happens). When I came here my companion had about 7 months of trying to work with them. Jose the dad said that he wanted Betzabeth to get baptized with him. Period. But these past few weeks we decided to pass by and see what he said, let him know that she was missing out on a lot of blessings. He said he would let her, but he wanted to well prepared. We said we could do that. Then I this week we passed by and jokingly told him that next saturday we would prepare a baptism and he said ye. We passed bySaturday to see if he was joking or saying the truth, and he said he would let her get baptized. She was nervous, but feels better now that we told her we will prepare her well. Can't quite believe it.

But we have some other really good investigators. We are working hard and trying to be better everyday. We keep contacting and teaching and teaching and contacting :) A lot. This week we plan on contacting the goal of 140 people. So we gotta go do that!!!! We have a lot of disappointments and lots of good times, but we keep going strong!!!! 

I hope you know how much I love you all and especially how much I love the Gospel!!!! I love the church and the promise that we can be families forever and that we know and share the incomprehensible amount of love our Heavenly Father has for us. Can't believe Clair leaves in 15 days!! Wow!!!! Keep working hard!! Go do some good this week :) Know you are always in my prayers!!! 

Love, Your Nica Sista!! Hermanita Morey

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