Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ya Me Voy!

Ya me voy!!!!!!!!
So, we got a text Tuesday saying that my companion is going to train!!! So that means that I will most likely leave the area while she gets another ´daughter.´ My disrict leader keeps asking me how I feel and singing God be with you till we meet again. I am a little nervous to be honest, but know that God will send me where I am needed with the companion that I need to be with!!! And everyone tells me the first area is the hardest to leave, and then it ges easier. So next week I will be writing from a new place!!!! Woot!!
This week was really good!! We got to go to Women't Conference which I was so happy about. The spirit there was SO strong. The love from every one of them. We had an investigator there and I know that she felt peace and strength from the words and had some prayers answered. I, too, heard some things that I needed to hear. So excited for Conference this weekend!! So excitied to hear the words of the prophet and apostles. Just remember to this week think of some questions that you have and write them down. And I promise that at least one of them will be answered in the conference. It always works for me! 
We have an investigator (Ruth) getting baptized on Saturday!!! I am so excited. Even though I probably won't be here for the baptism, I know I was able to help her in some way.  Leonardo still wants to wait....haven't been able to help him get an answer that sooner is better than later. But he has the desire which is so good! This sunday we had 9 investigators in church!!! 9!!! We usually have 2 or 3. It was incredible. And the family we are teaching came and enjoyed it. The Lord is seeing our hard work and helping us out!! We are seeing miracles here!!! The Gospel really does help people. Gives so much hope and peace and reason to all of the madness.
We had Zone conference on Friday and that was incredible!!! REAlly felt the spirit and learned a lot. We talked about how we really have the power to work miracles in the mission and how we can do it. Our zone learders are incredible and work really hard so that we can become better missionaries. I felt very inspired and energized by them.
That is really all that I can think about this week!!! I am starting to really feel a love for this work which I am so thankful for! I almost have 6 months here (crazy!!!). There are lots of flirtatious men here (once someone told me they wanted me to be the mother of their children....), and still eating lots of beans and rice! Yum!!! And lots and lots of walking. But it is great work!! So good to help the people here in Nicaragua.
I have a firm testimony that whenever we have problems or doubts or anything, pray is the answer. The Lord will help us through anything if we are willing to stop and ask him for help. It may not be how we expect, but he will help us. He never leaves us alone. I love what Pres. Monson said Saturday about how at the end of our lives we will look and see that He was there all along. The Lord loves each and every one of us!! So muhc!!!!
And I love you too!!! Keep up the great work!! Stay awake during General Conference :) And have fun in the beautiful Autumn weather!!!! Stay strong and choose the right!!!!
Love, your Nicaraguan Missionary Hermana Calocha!!!

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