Monday, October 28, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hello Hello!!! From the land where the rivers are milk and the rocks are cuijada (cheese)!!! That really is what they say here.

It has been raining a lot a lot here!! Every morning it is hot and sunny, then about 12 it starts pouring rain. Rain like you have never seen before!! It is really weird when you can hear and see the rain coming before it hits. My companion and I look at each other and say: vamos a mojar!!! We're going to get wet!!! But they say it is only this month, then we enter the winter season here which is supposed to be cooler. Wohoo!!! 

This week has been going well!!! I haven't even felt it. This transfer really has been flying by! My companion only has 2 more weeks left. She has been a great companion, I really love her! She is feeling nervous but excited to go home.

We had zone conference on Friday and it was really good. We learned how to plan better, obtain new investigators, and give better commitments. I love those meetings when I can learn how to be better and learn from the example of missionaries who had success. There are always ways I can improve, and these reunions are good ways to learn how!! 

We are at the awkward point in the change of mission presidents when the rules start changing. A lot of missionaries feel offended and reluctant to listen or follow the rules. While I may not like all of the rules or understand why, I know that I need to be humble and accept that he is called of God and receives the revelation that our mission needs to be better and help more people. So I have been praying to help me feel that acceptance and humility. And I know I will be better for following the rules!! 

Also, yesterday the President surprised everyone by coming to both the morning and afternoon meetings. Because we are a district and not a stake I guess he visits quite often. You could feel the tension in the meetings from both the missionaries and the leaders of the church :) Oh the mission!!!

We are still working hard at finding new inestigators and helping the investigators we do have make the decisions and steps to be baptized. It is a struggle, but we work hard!!! I work hard to try to see their needs and feel the spirit to help them overcome their fears and doubts. Sometimes I wonder how I can be so happy when daily we receive so much rejection, we walk back and forth from tthe same area just to have the appointments fall, baptism dates fall through, teaching the same 3 lessons over and over again. Trying so hard to have the spirit all day, trying so hard to help other people and not focus on myself. That is a testiment to me that this is the truth, because how else could I be so happy in a work that is so hard? I am grateful, so very grateful for the knowledge that I have. The knowledge that there is life after this, that there is a purpose to all the suffering and hardships in this life. Grateful to know that God loves me no matter how many times I mess up, no matter my weaknesses. I grateful to know that families can be together forever. I don't understand half of the things in the gospel, but what I do know, I love, and am eternally grateful to know!!! I just hope I can make a few people feel the love the Lord has for them and feel that desire to change. If I can do that, I know I have done my job!!! 

Thank you all for your love and support!!! I really feel it on those hard days when I don't want to get up :) I feel it when I don't want to walk anymore, when I am soaking wet! I know you are all sacrificing a lot for me to be out her, and I can't thanl you enough for giving me this opportunity!!!

Have WONDERFUL weeks!!! Have a great halloween!! And a great day of the dead (Nov. 2)!!!!! I love you all very very much and miss you!!! Hecho fuego!!! Hasto lo juso!!!! 

Love, su Nicaraguan Hermana con colochas!!!!

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