Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Goodbye October!!!! how fast that has gone by!!! I hope you all have your halloween Costumes ready!!!!! Halloween isn't very big here, so we won't have to worry about children and teens being out trick or treating all night and competing with them :) 

It has been a good week!!! We were able to have a baptism this pastSaturday!! The Elders had a family married and baptized and then Kristhel (Crystal) was baptized. It was about 4 hours (with the lawyer talking and everything) but it was good. Her dad was able to baptize her and she was his first baptism. She was super prepared and practically a member. She is 14 and from Costa Rica, very mature, very smart (can read books like The Hobbit in English). It has been fun to get to know her and see her progress. 

Even though my companion is dying we work pretty hard which I am grateful for. She does not want to be a companion at the end who doesn't want to do anything. I am actually sad that we only have this transfer together...but oh well!!! I am shocked at how fast this 6 weeks has been going by!! We have 3 weeks left. Then who knows what will happen!!!! But I know it will all be for the best. 

Here we have been working with a lot of less actives. Which is SO extremely frustrating at times. I want to shake them and nock some sense into them...but I can't. They have their agency to choose. And sometimes we choose what is wrong for us no matter what everyone else says, and then we have to suffer the consequenses. But I hope that someday they will remember why they were baptized and this is the only place they will be happy. 

One thing that has been fascinating me lately is the power of Faith. I read Ether 12 in my personal study this week. All the miracles that the prophets experienced and did was due to the faith that they have. The Brother of Jared was able to see everythng because of the great faith he had. Sometimes (okay a lot of times) I wonder if I have the faith to do miracles here in Nicaragua. I think a lot of times that miracles happen to other people, but not to me. But really if I have the faith to do it, I can do it. And I probably won't see God, but I can have miracles like helping people find the truth, change their way of living because they know that this is true. I want to keep studying this topic and work on growing my personal faith. Because if I want to help people make the step of baptism, I need to have faith that everything is possible and that anyone can make the changes necessary. 

Keep working hard!!!! I love you all so very much!!!!! Thank you for all your support, and love, and help!!!! You are all great examples to me. Remember the love your Heavenly Father has for you, remember that the Church is True!!!! Hold to the Rod!!!!!

Love, Your Nicaraguan Hermana Morey!!

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