Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Mission, the Mission

Rivarivariva RIVAS!!!!! That is the cry of the buses as they go by. Calling out the name of wher they are going. We spent 6 hours on the bus today going to and from Managua. Woot!!! Fun Pday :) But I got my cedular (ID) and am officially a Nica!!! And a lot of the girls from my MTC district were there. It was SO good to see them all and catch up. And I also got to see one of my best friends from the mission who has helped me a lot. She leaves for home next week so I am sad about that, but so glad I got to know her!!

I CANNOT believe this month is almost over!!! We have changes (maybe) next week. It has gone by so fast!! I really can't feel if I will stay or go....we will just have to see!!! 

Ah, the mission, the mission. Sometimes you have really good weeks....other weeks everyone falls through!!! We had hoped to have 4 baptisms this month....and they all fell through. We won't have a single one. But oh well. Hopefully we are planting seeds!! There is a woman named Ruth who has been really great!! She has recognized her answer and really chosen to follow it! She knows that this is the way that will bring her happiness and joy and peace through her problems!

Right now starts the really raininy season. yesterday we walked in pouring rain to pick up our invistigators. But we had fun! A good teenage boy followed us all morning )he was the first one we picked up). I know he will get blessed for his efforts!!  Church attendance was very low, but it was good!! My companion taught a class on the talke My Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. Such a good one!!!! 

Nothing too much to say!!! Working hard here in Rivas!! It is a test of our faith, but we are going to keep working hard!! We are working on being braver and not regretting any day that we have here. We don't want to go home feeling bad about a minute of our mission! 

I love the church!! I love the Lord!! I know he answers our prayers and is there waiting for us!!! And I have a testimony that Charity is SO importnant in this life!! To feel that love for everyone is crucial!!

Keep working hard!! Know that I am praying aobut you a lot!!! Don't forget to do those little things like FHE and prayers and reading your scriptures!!! 

Love, Your Nicaraguan Missionary!!!!!! 

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