Monday, October 14, 2013

Water Storage

Hola!!!! I hope my weekly emails are a little interesting and don't bore you all to death :) But here is for another week here in Juigalpa!!!

So almost everyday this week we did not have water in our house (the water is unpredictable here and will go every once and a while, but never for days and days). Then on Saturday the whole city of Juigalpa had neither electricity or water....that was a little scary. We had to walk home early from an appointment because it was not safe. It was eery to look into the mountains and see the whole city dark. I think it really made the members take to heart the advice of the prophets to store water because we NEVER know when we will have a crisis. Thankfully it did come back during church on Sunday. Never loved water so much in my life. But now in the shower we have a huge bucket ready for if it ever leaves again :) 

I am still really happy to be here in Juigalpa!!! I LOVE my companion. Juigalpa doesn't have a lack of baptisms...just a lack of retention. There are a lot of horror stories from past missionaries who did not follow any rules making it hard for some members to trust the missionaries. And there are SO many recent converts who were just baptized because they were friends with the missionaries so they don't have a testimony in the Book of Mormon or other essential parts of the Gospel. So we are working hard to build the turst of the members and help these recent converts and less actives obtain testimonies. 

We don't have too many investigators and the ones we do have are a little crazy. One couple the husband tells us everytime he plans of leaving his partner and they spend the whole lesson fighting. Another investigator told us he has been visiting another church everyday....crash with that one. But we are working hard to find new people to teach. I did it with Hna. Perez so I know that it is possible here. It takes a lot of work, but I know Heavenly Father will give us the inspiration and strength to do it.

It is interesting because I always had an idea of what missionaries were (hard workers, these superhuman type people who always did what is right) so I think I hoped I would have that change when I was set apart (like you said mom). But that didn't happen. And I think I expect to look in the mirror one day and see that big change in me. But at the end of the day, I am still Sariah trying to be obedient, and fight satan daily to teach the people here what I know deep down in my heart is true and matters more than anything else in the world. I still have my weaknesses, my faults, and I just try to overcome them. I still make mistakes with words, still talk a lot, an everything else.I have changed a lot, but still have a lot to learn. 

This week we passed by a less active and she invited a friend over for us to teach the gospel to (she is so cute!) and the poor mother has nothing. She doesn't even have a house to live in. Her children are hungry and suffering. you could see in her eyes that she has no hope for a better world. I felt so terrible for ever thinking that I have a hard life or am lacking of things. I wish I could do more for her, but do know that the gospel can bring some peace and comfort. It just gives me a better perspective and a desire to work hard to show these people that God does love them and cares about them. 

I think that that is all!! Except that I am finding it hard this week to eat the rice....yikes!!! I am usually good at eating everything and whatever but find it hard to force the rice down. I am praying that changes soon because I have a year more of rice to eat!!!! But except for the light and water, nothing too exciting is going on!! I hope you are all doing well!!

I know that this church is true and that God is always there for us! I know he will help us through everything. I know that there is a purpose for us here on this earth. If we do our best he will make up for ther rest!!! I love this church, love this Gospel, I love my savior!!

Keep working hard and doing your best!!! I love you all to pieces!!!! 

 Love, your nicaraguan missionary with the curly hair that won't grow in this humidity, Hermana morey :)

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