Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Makes a Successful Missionary

hello!!! It has been a very good week. Very fulfilling and full of lots and lots of hard work. We have been working the hardest that I have ever worked in my mission. The Lord blessed us to be able to work harder, more efficiently, better complete with the goals President and we have set, and the best FIND NEW PEOPLE!!! Not everything has gone perfectly (sadly, it never does) but we have been able to give our all and truly go to bed tired and happy with the work we have done. That is the best feeling. Not everyone we have been able to find has worked out. But we have been blessed to get to know a new investigator. His name is Danilo Mena. he is about 40 and a little strange. But he went to church on his own and has really loved it. He has been guided and directed by our Heavenly Father to find this path. he has a great desire to change his life and do what is right. He won't be easy, because there are changes he has to make that even we don't know what they are yet. But his desire is the key!! I know he will get baptized!! With me or with other missionaries, it doesn't quite matter. The key is that I got to know him!!! 
So that was a good thing from the semana!!!

 Yesterday and today are celebrations for independence in ALL of central America. So things have been slow because everyone is gone. Even though there was hardly anybody in Sacrament Meeting yesterday I think it was one of the most powerful testimony meetings I have been in. The old members shared aobut their firmness and their faith through all the hard times here in nicaragua, a few new members shared about the joys of finding this incredible gospel, and some less actives about their journey coming back to what they knew all along was the truth. I loved it. I think everybody felt the spirit very strongly. Really testimonies are the most powerful thing we have to share!!! 

So that is really all from me here in nicaragua. nothing too special. Just seeing the Lord guide us, and trying everyday to be our best. It has not been easy for either my companion or me here in Rosario, but I think the Lord is happy that we just keep plugging along :) And I try to help us remember what really is a  successful missionary. Is it really the numbers, or the love and effert? And remembering that the lessons I have to learn are different from others. But, we keep going. 

I hope you know how much I love you all!!! I hope you have INCREDIBLE weeks!!! Remember to keep reading your Libro de Mormon, saying your prayers, and doing your best. Then you will see miracles :) Not the miracles we necesarily think we need, but what the Lord knows we need :) I pray for you all daily!! Thanks for all your prayers!!! 

Love, tu hermanita Morey

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