Monday, September 8, 2014

My Mission Has Changed My Life

Pues hope you are all having a great week!!! This week has been full of the usual ups and downs of life!! I am sure you all want to know about changes :) Well......if you haven't heard I will be dying here in Rosario!!!! I am happy about that. There is so much work but we will get 'er done!! And Hermana Mejia will be killing me!!!  I know this change will be full of its own little trials and miracles. I just hope that I can learn the lessons that the Lord wants me to in my time here!! There are people to find and lives to change!! People to love and serve. Including my companion!! 

This week was the open house and dedication of the new chappel. That was a cool experience. About 100 people who weren't members came to see the chappel. And we had 9 investigators in church!! Woot! It is absolutely gorgeous. It is a new design for the buildings here in Nicaragua, and I think in Central America. Everyone is so excited to be out of the cramped house and into a spacious new building. Even though it doesn't really matter where we are, because the spirit will be there, it will be more comfortable and we hope will induce more interest in the church. Yesterday for the dedication it was so good. The spirit was so strong as the speakers talked about the importance of the gospel and how lives can really change there. I especially liked the class we had in Gospel Prinicpals about repentance. How crucial repentance is in our lives!! How grateful I am to Jesus Christ for the ability that I have to repent every single day. I know I do so many things wrong, and don't do what I know I should do. But I can feel the peace and hope of repentance!! 

Yesterday we had a fun experience. Every single day we have made plans to go to an area that is very far away to contact a reference.every day something happened: It rained, my companion got sick, people couldn't go with us. Yesterday we decided to go no matter what (deciding satan did not want us to go). AS soon as we POURED. But we carried on. Walking through rivers :) We ended up not finding the reference, but found an old investigator who is super special. And she is only there Sundays. So I guess we needed to find her and help her remember to say her prayers and read the scriptures. The Lord really is in control!!!! 

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to serve a mission!! I have learned so much from my areas, the members, my companions, myself. Things that I could not have learned any other way. I am grateful that the Lord called me, and that I answered. I have been able to feel the joys and pains that Christ went through, and feel the love He has for ALL of his children. I can say like Elder Holland that my mission has changed my life. It has been the hardest thing of my life, but it is worth it!!! I would do it again....:) 

Well, I sure love you all!! Have a great week!! Know that I love you all!!!! 

Love, Hermanita Morey (the first :) 

P.s. Some talks I have loved. REad them this week! 

  1. Love by Pres. Monson
 2. The atonement and how it REALLY helps us in our lives.

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