Monday, September 22, 2014

I Love Nicaragua

Hello, Hello!!!! 

It has been a crazy week and it has gone by so fast!!!! I have to think back and remember everything that happened. It has been a VERY good week. Yeah, there were some hard days....but I can't remember them too well :) 

The week started off with the Elders putting super high goals for Tuesday. 10 lessons and 50 contacts......sometimes I hate that. But we were actually able to complete them....and we were able to put a date with Danilo!!! He told us Sunday he did not want to think about putting a date, so we had decided to not touch the subject. We went to the appointment and he told us he wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. That was a MIRACLE!!!! We just hope he is sincere and is willing to change the things necessary in his life and really look for answers to all of his questions and doubts. So taht was a good day!! 

Then Wednesday we went to a multizone activity. It was INCREDIBLE. So spiritual, so good to hear president and Hermana Russell talk about things taht they felt like we needed. I felt like they were talking to me, not to a group of missionaries!!!! I love how the spirit works taht way. We can be in a group of people listening to a talk, but the spirit testifies to us in a way so personal, answering all the questions and doubts that only we have. A manifestation of god's great love!!! They talked about how we need to live our lives in a way to have the gift of the Holy Ghost with us always. And President talked about how we need to be better teachers of the Gospel and how we need to have a conversion like Enos. A lot more, but I can't write it all here :) Overall it was my favorite. And we had a lot of fun!!! I don't know anybody in the mission anymore, but it was good to see new faces!!! 

We have finally been able to find some good people!! That has been a miracle as well!!! We are able to complete with almost all of the goals everyday, and we are enjoying a lot more the work we have to do here. We both feel like we know everybody here in this little pueblito. But we just try to have the faith that there are still people who haven't heard, or who have heard and now are ready to accept the Gospel. but at least now all of our backup plans aren't contactar :) 

I don't know why this week has been so extremely good. We had some days without being able to find anybody, but we ended it well. 7 people went to church and 4 are progressing. I think my companion and I are getting along super well, and that helps. We just have fun together. We love the work. It is so sad for me because I feel like I am becoming the best missionary I have been....and I am leaving!!!! I am super torn. but mostly I am not ready to leave yet!! There are more people to help and serve!!! I really truly can say I love Nicaragua, and the people here!!! 

I have been reading el libro de mormon this week in my favorites chapters about the Great Apostasy in 2nd Nephi. I found my new favorite scripture!!! In 2 Nephi 26:23-28. It talks about the love that God has for us ALL. nobody is exempt. He wants every single one of his children to come back to him. And it all depends on us and the decisions we make!!! That is the beauty of missionary work!!!!! 

I would love to hear what your favorite scriputres are, and why!!!! 

So, just know that I am happy here and doing well. Working my tail off. A little more tired, but happy and working :) Just pray for a few investigators: Martha and Joni, and Danilo Mena. A convert Estiven!! 

Thanks so much for all your love and support!! I love you all!! uintil next week :) 

Tu Hermanita, Gringita quemada 
                Hermana Morey :) 

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