Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So how is the heat over there in the states?!?! I don't know if it gets hotter here in Managua, or there in the states. I sure feel like I am going to melt when I am there :) 

I can't believe that we are ending this change and that I am entering my last change in the mission!!! IT goes by so extremely fast!!!! I am super nervous. Not ready at all to be at this point in my mission. Not ready to come back to the real world!! Maybe ready to not need to contact tons of people every week....but the rest, not so much!!! But I plan on making this last change my best :) We will see lots of miracles, I am determined for that. And I am only nervous to see where I end. I would like to finish my mission here in Rosario.....cross your fingers :) 

This week has been an interesting week. We have had some ups and downs. We had interviews which were really great. He helped me feel like I am doing alright here and assured me that the baptisms really aren't the most important thing to him, but who we become in the mission. He knew the things that I needed to here! I always feel the spirit super strongly after interviews with him. He is a great president! So my goal: just work my hardest and focus on loving the people the best I can. 

I know you all want news of Larry and Angelica.....well.....Angelica really wants to. But we can't tell if Larry just gives us excuses so that he doesn't have to get married. We aren't sure he is ready to leave his life behind of being able to go out with whoever he wants. But this Wednesday the APs are going to come and see how they can help us!! Hopefully we can help them both see the blessings that the Gospel will bring them and obedience to all of God's commandments will help them in ways that nothing else in this world can give them! But other than that....we are starting from zero again in this area. Back to contacting. President told me he knew that contacting is the bane of my existence...but maybe the Lord wants me to love it by the time I leave. But we are for sure going to find some new people! We are excited for this week!! 

Other than that.....things are just the same! We are working on having faith and patience here. And a little bit (or maybe a lot) of diligence. This week I think we move into the new chappel!! Yeah!! It is SUPER pretty. And I am excited to be able to play the piano there. The piano right now does not have a pedal :) 

Thank you for all your prayers and for your love and support!! You are the best!! I hope you all have a GREAT week and have fun at school and at work. Know I love you muchisimo!!!! 

Con muchisimo amor, Hermanita Morey 

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