Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You Never Know What's In Store

Hello Hello!!! how are all of you guys doing this week?! I hope that mom had a GREAT birthday!!! the big 50!! Sorry I wasn't there for that...but don't worry, I will throw an egg at you when I get home :) And SO exciting about Clarissa!! Going to California. I always thought it would be interesting to serve in the states after serving here in central America.....and now you get the chance!!! We will see what this next adventure brings you!!!!
This week was another week of searching, and searching, and searching.....looking for new people. But we just never seem to find any!!! An ex bishop told us on Friday that the reason why it is so hard in this area is because everyone really has heard the missionaries before. There are very ver few who never have received them, never talked to people like us before, or the members haven't invited them. So we will see what we do with that information. Like President told us Tuesday. The time for planting the seeds has passed (because everyone has heard the message) now it is time for the harvest, to find the ones who are really prepared to take the step of baptism. I know there are people here...the spirit just has to guide us to whom.
Sadly enough the baptism for the marvelous family Bismar and Kristian fell through.....that was hard. They stopped coming to church and he doesn't want to stop believing in his saints. His mom told us that maybe it is the stress of not having a job. I hope they will make the choice and have the faith and strenght to take the step sometimes soon. We know it will bless their lives greatly, they just have to trust that as well.
So we have to drop one family....but a miracle happened. Larry and ANgelica are ready to be baptized!!!! Wohoo!!! 5 months in the making this miracle. Larry has a true desire now to take the step, and his girlfriend is willing to do it with him!! She has been to church 3 times now and really enjoys it. They can feel the blessings of the gospel in their home. It was interesting to hear the doubts of Larry and Angelice, then Bismar and Kristian. Bismary was just excuses and problems, Larry was worried about falling away afterwards, becoming less active. They are excited, and we are excited for them!!! Really....you never know what God has in store for you. We just have to keep working and doing our part, and something great always happens. We are hoping we can find some more people willing to take this step as well!!!!
That is pretty much it for the week. It started raining.....pouring. I wish I could have taken a picture of it!!! Also, we had the miracle of having 7 people in church on Sunday.....wow. The Lord is blessing us. I haven't eaten anyting new.....just saw a pig being butchured....yum. Let me know if there are pictures that you would like to see, things that you would like to know about Nicaragua and my area!!!!
I sure love you all!! I am grateful for this Gospel and the blessings taht I have in my life from it. I know the Lord loves us. I know he is there for us. I know he will bless us when we are obedient.
I sure love you tons!!!!
Love, tu hermanita favorita Hermana Morey
P.S. I really enjoyed this article!! https://www.lds.org/liahona/2014/07/young-adults/becoming-perfect-in-christ?lang=eng

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