Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pray For Investigators

Mangua, Managua, Managua, Jinotepe, MANAGUA!!!!!!! That is the sound we here as we travel to Managua...and every other place in Nicaragua. When we travel in buses, they all yell out the destination and try to fill the bus to the brim to make as much money as possible. IT makes traveling super fun :) But we have had to go to Managua for 2 pdays, and will have to go again the next one.....woot!! I don't love Managua because I always feel like I am going to get lost, but I am getting pro at it. AT least we know where the doctor's office is, and how to get to McDonalds after that :) 

We have been able to have a good week!! I really enjoy my companion. We get along really well!! We can laugh a lot, we have fun doing the work even when we get super frustrated, and we talk about our goals and what we can do better. I will be super sad if we have changes....but in the 2 weeks we have together we will do something great!! I just know it. 

We had a wonderful experience this week with Angelica. We stopped by unanouced and asked her if she feels like the Lord is answering her prayers. She told us she has felt peace and tranquility and takes that as her asnswer!! Yay!!!!! That was cool. But then we passed by another day and she told us a huge problem had come up and they are super overwhelmed with that. Larry told us yesterday he got so upset with the Lord he told himself that he would never go back to church or accept us in his house again....its that bad. The only thing that we can do is pray for them, and hope that they can make the right decision. Satan really does not want them to take this step and is doing EVERYTHING to scare them away from it. He did tell us that he was talking to Angelica and said that maybe they have been praying so long asking for answers that now it is time that they get up and act. Pray for them!! I don't really want them to be baptized because I know that the President wants 250 baptisms this week, but because I know the blessings the Gospel will bring them. I know that if they back down now, it will be so hard down the road. We will just have to wait and be patient, and have lots of faith. Hoping for a miracle with them!! 

I think one thing I have learned on the mission is to have confidence in myself. Knowing that I am very imperfect and do a lot of things wrong, and make lots of mistakes, that if I do my absolute best and give my all, that the Lord will help me. He will work miracles through me if I do my part. It does not mean that it will be easy, or that everything will work out perfectly, but I will know that I did my best. I know that the Lord has things for me to learn here, and wants me to stretch and grow in ways that I couldn't have in any other way. Even if I don't baptize the most, even if I don't speak the best spanish, even if I don't teach the best, if I try everyday, I will be able to help someone. It is hard to learn that, but something I think that will help for the rest of my life. I problaby won't be the best mom, or the best sunday school teacher, or best student myself, but if I do my best the Lord will make up for the rest.  

I know the Lord loves us all, and is willing to give us peace when we need it. I know that he knows our potential (which is to be a God!!) and that he is ALWAYS rooting for us. I know that we cannot even comprehend how the Atonement blesses us, but that we can always use it to change and to be better every single day. 

That is my message for today :) Thanks for all of your love and prayers!! I sure love you all!!!! Have a great day and wekk!! And good luck Clair starting your mission! I love you!!! ButI know I am your favorite Hermana Morey :) 

Love always, Hermanita colochita Morey 

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