Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time Flies

This week has been a good week!! I have gotten used to Rosario and feel like I know where I am going and where the people are. I can't believe that I have almost been here for a transfer! How fast the time goes. I can't believe Clair is in Bolivia getting used to things there. I wonder if we do any of the same things, if the culture is the same at all :) We are both in 3rd world countries, no? 

I will tell you about one of the investigators we have: Larry. He has talked to the missionaries for about 20 years (wow, right?) and has listened everytime. But this time he has decided to really look for an answer. He has come to church 3 times and is reading the BOM and praying. But whenever he asks, he tells us he hasn't receieved an answer yet. We have explained and shared, and broght memebers but it doesn't seem to help. We tell him his desire to know more, is part of his answer. But yesterday the Bishop and his counselor went to give his baby a blessing who is very sick. We passed by later in the night to see how things went. He told us that today he had some things he wanted to share with us. Hopefully that means he got his answer or can recognize his answer!!! 

Here in Rosario I feel like the people are a little harder. Maybe because they are more well off than people in my other areas. It is interesting how humility really helps prepare us to receive the Gospel. But we have been able to find some people who are prepared. It is hard because that one person is inbetween contacting and teaching 50 other people. But I absolutely LOVE the feeling when we find someone who is prepared and willing to listen. The Lord really does guide us and help us to find the people who ahve been searching for answers. 

Even though sometimes it is very hard being a missionary and sometimes I don't ever want to contact again, I know it is such a wonderful work. We get the chance to help others feel the same blessings we do and receive Salvation. The Lord loves each and every one of us and wants us all to be happy. His work and his Glory is to bring about the eternal life of man. And as I learned this week in the BOM, he loves all of us, but he favors the people who are obedient. he always wants to bless us, but until we are obedient, He really cannot do anything. 

We still have not entered the rainy season, but it is a little toasty here!! 

I sure love you all!! have a great week!! Good luck with school and work and missions :) I pray for you daily!! 

Love always, 
      Your nica sista, Hermana Morey

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