Monday, May 12, 2014

Who's Going to Win This Week?

First of all, Happy Mother's day!! I hope all the woman had a GREAT day. I sure loved getting to talk to you guys and see how you are doing!! I love you all tons!!! No se precupan, ya me voy :) 

It has been a good week!! We were able to finally find some people and put some dates with them. WE just hope they keep progressing. There are so many people taht the Lord has prepared. There is one man that we found who is so curious about the church and wants to have an answer. We just hope that he an recognize the answer that the Lord gives him. WE are also working hard with members so that they can find people who are ready. We never know who is ready and who the Lord has been preparing, so we ask them to pray and the first name taht comes to their mind to share it with us. Members really do have such an important roll!! 

We have a baptism this Saturday, a man named Pedro. He is very excited and SO commited. He really understands the importance of baptism and making this covenent with God and not with any of us. And he already shares the Gospel with everyone he comes into contact with!! We are excited for him! 

Not much else to share!! We have been working hard here and enjoying our time together!! I have been reading in Helaman this week about the Nephites and their pride cycle. They can't ever get rid of the pride they have, and that always brings their destruction. Where before the Lord protected them and saved them from all dangers, now they have to work with only human strength, which is not enough. How important it is for us to have the Lord on our side!! He will help us through all of our struggles and help us conquer all of our battles!! 

So who is going to win this week?! Satan, or us? Of course us!! So go win the battle!!! 

I love you all!! Have a GREAT week!! Beth, Good luck with AP tests!! And Zack with work!! I will be praying for you daily!! 

Love, your nica hermanita!! Hermana morey

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