Monday, June 2, 2014


Rabits!!! I win!!! :) Hopefully I have good luck all month!!! 

This week has been good!! I have been focusing on being grateful everyday and working my hardest. Tuesday we were able to go to Managua to have a mulizone activity. Hna. Russell talke about how the love we show the people is the most important thing. They will want to join the church because of the Love they felt from us. Which is so important to remember. We have to get after them sometimes, but life is hard for them, they need a reason to change their lives and everything they know. They need to feel that this is where they WILL receive Eternal Life. Then President talked about the 15 habits that we need to have as missionaries to have success. It was good and good to do something different!! 

A cool experience from this week. Last week I said that sometimes I just HATE contacting. Trying to talk to people who really don't want to listen. About 2 weeks ago we contacted a house and a man came out and talked to us for about 30 minutes. We talked about how there are so many churches and how we can know where really is the truth. He accepted a date and said he would come to church (he didn't). We tried to find him during the week without luck. When an appointment fell through we decided to look for him Saturday. He was there. We shared the Restoration with him. We finished and asked him how he felt. He told us I really appreciate the time you have sacrificed to come here. Your message is good...etc I was preparing for 'but I really am not too interested' then he finished by saying he had felt something when we passed by and he had all intention to keep learning more. AWESOME. Moments like that make all the bad contacts worth it. I will keep looking to find more people like that:) 

Remember Larry? The men in the ward went to give his baby a blessing and is better, and he found a job. They say they see the blessings of the Gospel but still don't feel answers. We don't know if he understands that there is only one true church and if he understands the need to be baptized...we will se what happens with this family. 

Things are going well her! We are working hard and trying to find new people. I was reading in 3 nefi when Jesus  comes to the Nephites and Lamanites. One of my favorite parts of the BOM!! And I am reading Our Heritage which I love! I am learning more about our history and feeling more appreciation for them. 

That is all for this week!! I sure love you all!! I hope you are doing well in school and work and life!! If you need anything, just let me know!! 

Love, Your hermanita Morey 

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