Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chickens and Roosters

Como están?! Espero que estan disfrutando su tiempo en Utah y la vida :) 

This week has been good!! Pedro was able to get baptized!! I don't think I have ever seen anybody so excited and determined to be baptized and really change their life. he is incredible to me!! He gave us a few scares because he wasn't there twice when we passed by so that he could be interviewed, but Friday afternoon we were finally able to get it done. Every time we passed by he told us all the temptations he had had, how many people had asked him why he is choosing the Mormon church and how he just started sharing what we believe, and how the church is true. That really shows how converted he is. He has never looked back since the moment he made the decision to be baptized. It has been so cool to get to know him. 

We had divisions on Wednesday and I got the oportunity to work with Han Perez (my second companion) again. It was interesting to see how much we have changed. Mostly me. I feel like in my time in Juigalpa I learned to have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities as a missionary. It was cool and I got the opportunity to get to know some special people and have good spiritual experiences. That is something that I love about the mission. The chance I get to get to know so many people and their experiences. Missionaries and people alike. it is incredible!! 

Talking about experiences. Sundays we always eat with the bishop and stake president (stake president is the dad, bishop his son). The stake president has been a member since just before they took all the missionaries out because of political problems and the members did not have the right to go to church, just meet in secret in their homes. He told us they had to go take the sacrament to all of the houses of people they knew who were members. This persecution was really just against our religion. The persecution started in about 78 and didn't end until the 90s. Pte. Russell's dad (at the time a member of the 70) visited the members here in Rosario and told them that big changes were about to happen. Those word turned out to be prophetic. Elections were about to come, and when they did, religious freedom came. Missionaires came back, and they were able to meet in buildings and practice how they wanted. 

As he talked about that, all I could think is how incredibly lucky we are to be able to preach, and praise God how we think and know is correct. Never have I really appreciated that like right now. People really have gone through a lot to be able to worship how they believe. I am grateful for that this week! 

Nothing too much happening here!! We still haven't quite entered the rainy season here. I am getting used to the cool weather here in Rosario so I feel a little hotter :) There are lots of pretty flowers here. And plenty of dogs and cats. Chickens and roosters enter all the houses like it is their own :) 

Wish us luck this week!! Hope you all are doing well!! Happy Brithday BUM!! And can't believe Clair goes to Bolivia!! 

I love you all!! Have a GREAT week!! 

Love, tu hermanita Morey 

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