Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Eat or...To Eat Some More

Hello!!! Feliz navidad y un prospero año!!!!
I hope that you all had a GREAT Christmas!!!! They do a LOT of fireworks here for Christmas. And here, Christmas doesn't really start until 12am on 25. Then they put baby Jesus out.

On Monday as a district we went and sange carols. That was REALLY fun. We walked so much, but we could really feel the spirit of Christmas. The last famioly we sang to said he wished he could feel that feeling everyday of the year. It was a great experience.

But 24 they eat. a LOT. We had 3 dinner citas that day. We ate with our investigator Luyy (it was really good, and we finished with some cake!) then Hna Aquian said that she could fit some more in if she had to, so we were okay to go eat with our Lunch cita who prepared a big dinner surprise for us. But then I reminded her we had said we would pass by with the Relief Society President. Boy she gave us a TON. It is called Arroz ala valancia. Wow. I ate almost all of it, but really could not. And yes, I did throw it all up as soon as we started walking. The joys of a mission. But in case you forgot, we did have to go to one more place!!! I felt alright because I had nothing in my stomouch, but my poor companion!!! You should have seen the look on her poor face.
Christmas night we didn't really sleep because of all of the Booya (noise). Fireworks, partying, dancing. And then for new years they make old men out of clothes and fill them with fireworks and fir them off to show that the old year is over! Fun stuff!! Our convert wanted us to get permision to come by at midnight to see it....yeah, we aren't even going to try. But about our convert. We baptized Luvy again. I am so glad we did. It was incredible!! The spirit was SO strong. And while EVERYTHING went wrong last week, this one went so smoothly. Really could feel the spirit testify that this work is true!! Anybody who feels that, can't deny it. And if they do, so sad for them. But she, too could feel a big difference. She is incredible!!
Friday we had the mission activity. They had a presentation with all the fotos of the baptisms we have had in the past months, that was really cool. then they showed us pictures of all of our families :) That one was a fun surprise. Then they gave us all madalions with the temple on it and DyC 4. It is really cool. It was a fun activity and fun to see all of my missionary friends and hear how they are doing :)
Saturday we had District Meeting which my companion and I taught. Afterwards our Zone Leader handed me the Liahona with a talk that said How do I have success as a missionary? I don't know what he was trying to say by it, but I read it anyways. It was actually really good. Focusing more on doing your best than comparing my success with the success of others, or my numbers. Really just to have faith and work my hardes.t. So that is my goal. To focus on the 10 points of a missionary with succes in Chapter 1 in PMG. To be happy when maybe others have more numbers than I do. To just do my absolute best, try to do better, and look to the Lord  for a measure of how I am doing. It is a really good Liahonna!!!

We are doing well here in Juigalpa!! Sorry there aren't any fotos, next week!!! It was so good to see your faces on Wednesday! The time went by way to fast!!! Glad to know you are all doing well!!!! Tell me how reading your Book of Mormon goes!!!
Keep holding to the Rod!!! Keep walking to the tree of Life:) And Just keep swimming!! I love you all tons and tons!!!! Have a GREAT week!! Know that I am praying for you!! And keep doing your best!!!!
   Your nica Sista!!! Morey!!!

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