Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looking for Creativity

Wow!!!! 2013 has come to a close and we are now in 2014!!!! Can you believe that!!! I can't. Can't believe that I come home this year!!!! Sometimes I think how can I do 9 more months! But most of the time I wonder if maybe I can do 2 years :) But you really can't these days. A new rule in the chuch is that you can only extend 30 days past your mission mark and really only to fit the transfer.

As you know, last week was new years!! Woot!!!! But I don't think yours was as noisy as here!!! Fireworks are REALLY big here!!!! And they use some that we aren't allowed to use. They are pretty scary! Some even chase you! But we did get to see how they explode these old men!! That was interesting. Then the next day we saw a LOt of drunks. Probably for about 2 days after new years.

My companion celebrated her 30 birthday this week!!! So that was a lot of fun! Our lunch cita did something really big for her. Like what they celebrate for their 15 birthday because it is fifteen times 2!! Woot!!! 

nothing really big has been going on here. We are trying to work even harder than we have been to see miracles in our area (which we need!!) Working really hard to find new investigators and help strenghten our branch here. I am really learning patience and

diligence with the people here. When they don't want to listen, or don't want to commit, lie to us. Patience to keep working hard even though we don't see a lot of the fruits of our labors. But we will keep working hard!!!! We don't plan on stopping. 
But any ideas on how to be creative with contacts and with working with members? 

We have interviews with the President this week!! We will see how those go!! I know I am working my hardest, so I am not too nervous. 

Wish us luck in finding new investigators and helping us with the branch!!!! I hope everything goes well with you guys and that you have a great week!!!! Clair, I hope you heal well!! And Zack, Beth, and Mere back in school!! Woot!!!! I hope you know how much I love you all!!!! 

Just one spiritual thought: this week I read Jacob 5 and for the first time really understood it. In verse 72 I think it is the Lord of the Vineyard says taht he is working with his servants. He talks about how if we work diligently in these last days, we will be able to share the fruits and joy of the labors. Even thought the work is hard, it will be worth it!! We are in the last days!! And we have to finish strong!!! Like hailey wrtoe me one week: who is going to win? Satan or us? We already know who wins, we just have to keep staying strong!! Show the Lord whose side we are on. he loves us all very very much!! 

Have a GREAT week!!!! Stay STrong, and Choose the right always!!! 

Love, your nicaraguan colocha, Hna, Morey!

p.s. sorry this email was a little shorter and less exciting :) Until enxt week!

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