Monday, January 13, 2014

The Sounds of Roosters and Birds Chirping

Helllo Hello!!!! It has been a crazy but exelent week!!!! 

This week I complete my 9 month!!!! It has gone by so fast!!! And to think that Kara has been out for a year....can't believe it! It is all downhill from here! 

Tuesday we had one of the best first lessons I have ever had. We watched the Restoration and the brother of our investigator REALLY could understand the spirit. He told us he felt really good when he watched it and also about how many people ask how they can know God exists when they haven't seen Him or heard His voice. 'I know, because I have felt him' how powerful!!! We haven't been able to see him since, but I know that at least he was able to feel a little bit of the truth!! And I am thoroughly convinced the Lord gives us those experiences so that we can keep going through all the hard :) But they are moments that let me know the Lord loves me and all of his children!!! 

Wednesday at the end of the day we got a call saying that we had to go to Managua to see how we as trainers are doing our job!! Woot! Since we live in Juigalpa that meant getting up at 3. But we made it there in time and it was good!! Just talking about the importanc we have as trainers, making sure we are obedient, and verifying that we really are doing what we need to be to train well. They check our planners, 12 weeks, lessons, etc. But we are doing all right! Hna Aquian is the only missionary in her group to have finished all of her lesson plans (I felt proud of her there!). 

Friday we had interviews with President. I was a little nervous he would get after me. Or as we say here Machete me. But it went very well. I felt extremely peaceful with him and he helped me figure out a few things. He let me know I am doing alright and am not failing in my duty as a trainer :) He also told me that we are companions for a reason. I am who she needed. And she defenitely is who I needed!! We are super happy together!! But that went well. 

Saturday we had a SUPER day. Worked really hard and really efficiently. Completing all of our goals. And to top it all off we contacted someone famous here in Juigalpa. He is like a senator or something. But he was really nice to us and had some good questions. Said he would read the BOM!

Mom, you wanted to know how we find people to teach here. Really it is just about contacting. Sometimes we will get references from members. Some missionaries say that is the best way to have success (which it probably is). But the best way we find people is through contacting on the street, contacting in their houses. just contacting, contacting, contactin. it is tiring but we have to do it in order to find new people!!! 

Even though not everything goes right I feel extremely happy and an extreme amount of peace- I know that the Lord is with me, and that if I try my best I will be able to find the epople who are ready!! And if they don't get baptized, I at least try to give them love!!! I love being a missionary!! NEver thought I would say that 8 months ago :) Every morning we wake up to the sounds of roosters and birds chirping. During studying we hear music, neighbors fighting, people vending (people walk around vending ALL day). And vending means selling, sorry. There is a lot of noise and a lot of motion here. At the end of the day everyone comes out of their house to sit out in the cool air and chat with each other. People are very friendly and love to hear the 'word of God.' there are always lots of animals-mostly cats and dogs. It is so different, but so good!!! 

And if anyone tries to tell you that God has shut the doors and there is no revelation in these days...don't believe them!! It isn't true!!! I know that the Church is true, I know that God loves us!!!! 

have a GREAT week everyone!! Good luck recovering Clair! Have fun in church and school and at home!!! Don't freeze to death, and I won't burn to death!!!!! 

Love you ALL!! Choose the Right!

Love, your Nica Hermana 
      Hna. Morey

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