Monday, August 12, 2013

Month Numero 4

Can you believe that it is August already?! I can't believe it. This week has FLOWN by!!! I have about 2 weeks left in my training which is crazy! Then I REALLY need to know what I am doing. But It will all be good. I can either stay the same, train my area to a new companion, or leave. I just know that the Lord knows where I am needed and I will do the best I can wherever and whatever happens!! I have learned a lot about myself and other things with this companion! We will see if I need to learn more!!! 

Tuesday the sisters (there are 4 of us) were all sick with something. I just had a little cold and was fine, but they were all pretty bad! So they were sleeping in our apartment and we just stayed there ALL DAY! It wasn't too bad, but a little boring. It gave me time to study spanish and read the LDM (which I am SO behind on, pretty sure I won't finish it in a month!). But everyone is better now!

Wednesday we went to go teach Rosa one of our really positive investigators. Her husband has been really really hard because he is fine with his religion (catholic). But lately he has been more animated and excited to see us, talking to us and such. We have been trying to think of how we can help her with the law of chastity (she has a boyfriend) and so haven't stopped by as frequently as in the past. But when we went by on Wednesday their daughter said she was bathing, and he said she was out with his sister......We finally left and went around the side of her house (contacted a russian who knew neither spansih nor english poor man) and saw that she was hiding behind a barrel. We tried for about 10 minutes to talk to her and get her to come out but she didn't budge or say anything. And when her husband came out he told us with a straight face that it wasn't her, that it was someone else. Probably that saddest moment ever. Our hearts really sank because she knows the church is true. I hope it isn't what it seems. We are giving her a break and plan on trying again to see what is going on on Wednesday. Let's hope it is better!

On Thursday we went to San Juan Del Sur to teach Kevin and Milagros. They really are great investigators. She has him to help get her excited about the church. We taught about temples, the law of chastity (that was a fun one with them because they are living together) and the Word of Wisdom. They want to get married, we just hope they do it sooner than later!! They are very very positive! They keep us going right now! Them and 4 teenage boys that are really good right now.

I am doing well!! I am pretty sure I am gaining weight here:) I feel like I am learning tons and tons! Nicaragua is a great place. So different, but the people are good, hard working. I love being a missionary and helping people! 

I know the Lord loves you all!! I know the Book of Mormon is true. If you have ANY problems, turn to that book and it will help you. I am in Alma right now and LOVING their examples. I hope to be a missionary like them!!! 

Keep doing your best, making good choices, remembering who you are!!! I love you tons!!

Love, your Nicaraguan Missionara!!!

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