Monday, August 19, 2013

Palm Readings

hello Hello!!! Como esta everyone?!?! I hope you had great weeks!!! Our energy has been a little low as it is the end of the transfer and we are a little nervous about what may happen!! Buttomorrow we find out and plan to work hard in new places if there are, and if not, in the same place!!!!

First things first, I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday! The District Leader told me at 10 saturday night I was giving a talk (not much time to prepare) but I was surprised with myself that I did not feel too nervous. I decided to talk about scriptures and why they are important and why we are commanded to read them. It was simple enough to do in spanish, but still important!!! The president of the branch said that the gift of tounges was in play because they could understand me! I am grateful for that!! 

Also this week I have eaten so much at a few appointments that I thought I was really going to explode and difficult to force the food down! Good food, but so so much!! One of them we ate a soup that had a whole crab in it. It was really good, but difficult to eat. But I know my stomach will stretch :) 

I was watching the district last week as part of my training. Sometimes I really hate watching them because they make it look so easy. I think if only I were speaking english, I could do this! And if it was the same culture!! I do learn a lot from them, but it is frustrating too :)  But one of the missionaries was saying that there are more hard times on the mission than good, but those good times outshine the bad until you really can't remember the bad. you remember that it was hard, but it has been dulled. I remember thinking Hailey was crazy when she said she couldn't remember crying...but I can see it now!! And I really think taht that is one of the great gifts from our loving heavenly father. The ability to forget the hard times. To learn, but then to move on afterwards. Beecause if we didn't forget, how could we go on and do tomorrow and today with all the hurt and hardness piled up on top of each other? And I see that already in the mission. I have forgotten some of the hard times. I remember it was hard, but it is dulled...Just a thought for the week!!!

Our a really all time low right now. The 2 boys we are teaching received their answers this week and want to be baptized 28 of september!! That is great, so we just need to keep working witht them. But we desperately need to find more people to teach. I think after we find out if we are transfering or not it will get better. Those two are the only ones progressing right now because everyone else is not coming to church. I hope next week I have a better report for you :) I plan on working hard!!! 

a little fun fact: last week we went to a woman in our ward who reads palms :) She told me I will have 5 children close together, get married after studies and only have one boyfriend!! So things to look forward to when I get back :) Oh, and we will serve a mission you believe it?

Today we had such a fun activity with our zone. We went to this member's farm (it was HUGE) and played some sports and hung out in the clean air. He fed us delicious hamburgers. He lived in the states for 34 years and know english very well. He is an incredible person who shares everything he has and has a huge heart! It was good to get to know him and be out in the beautiful nature.

I think that is all for today!!!! I love you all so much!!! Good luck preparing to go back to school!!! You can do it!! Keep reading Scarlet Letter bum and playing your heart out!! 

Make good choices this week!! I love you and miss you!!  

Love, Your Nicaraguan Missionary!!! 

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