Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning a New Football

Como esta? Que tal su dias?!?!
Can you believe that summer is over?!?! I can't!!! it seems like it has flown by. it feels like last week I was reading your letters about school being over and starting work, and gradutating!!! Now back to school for all of you!! It is weird to think that beth will be all alone now....so weird!! What will she do with herself? She always needs peeps around?!?! But I know she will find things to do and occupy her time :)
Today I played football (soccer) for my first time with my district!!! Woot!! I am terrible, but it is fun! They really know how to work the ball!! I hope I can play better by the time I end my mission :) The sun was shining pretty fiercely, but then all of a sudden started pouring. That is life here, always prepare yourself for the rain!!
One thing about the mission here is we record our numbers in 3´s. President Monestel really really focused on families. So we focus on contacting, teaching, and baptizing families. REcord the families contacted, taught, etc. the priesthood holders, and totals. So when we report our numbers, we report 3 (3 families contacted/5 priesthoods/and 10 total). I think we are the only mission in the world that oes it like this. But the only problem is that people forget to focus on the individuals as well and realize that the individuals are future families. Who knows if President Russel will change this!!!  I think he is seeing the progress of the mission and how things are being done, and slowly chaning things. Not all at once, but as he sees need to. No changes as of yet, but I think they are coming!!!
We had really big hope that we would baptize 2 teenage boys this week (they both are 16 like you beth!!!) but when they had the interview with the district leader we found out they both have problems with the word of wisdom as well as chastity :( But I think they have a desire to know more and be baptized, just little by little. They really don't want to be forced into it!!! So little by little with them!!!
A group of members in our branch and from our district (like a stake) went to the temple in Hondurusthis week! It was so fun to see them excited about the work and to get names ready for the temple. People are now more excited about doing indexing and finding names to take to the temple. Ah, don't take the temple for granted!!! I can't believe how many we have in Utah!! I pray taht Nicaragua will get one soon!! The problem is the tithing! Need more active members and members who pay tithing. But there is hope and faith!!!
We are really working on finding more people to teach. We are at a big low
 of progressing investigators and people we are teaching. But we are working on it!! Pray for us to help us in this please!! We found Rosaon Saturday. I felt like we needed to go bakc and figure out what happened, but was nervous that it would be the same as last time. But we found her and taught her. She does not want to leave her boyfriend, but does not want to create huge problems and divorce her husband....so we will probably have to stop teaching her, but it was good to leave on a good note and not with the memory of her hiding behind a barrel!!!
One thing I learned this week is the importance of rereading and studying the words of the prophets. General Conference and the church magazines combined with the scriptures our our very own Liahonas. Our guide to know what is right, and what we need to do. They can help us know what to do, and what we can be doing better. So maybe make a goal this week to re read some of the conference talks!!! I promise that if you do so, you will find answers and strenght to endure your dificulties and do what is right!!
I think that that is all this week!!! Next week are changes!! So maybe I will have a new companion or be in a new place!! Who knows?!?! (god does :)
Until next week!!!!! Keep doing your great things!! I love you all so so much!!!! REad your scriptures and keep praying :) Know that I am praying for you always!!
Love always, your Nicaraguan Missionary!!!

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