Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hello Hello from Nicaragua!!!!
How is everything going in everyone's life? Here has been pretty normal...bugs still eat me, and we walk a lot! But it has been a little cooler with lots and lots of rain. Last night we walked in POURING rain. It is incredible how much it rains. And it will just come, and go instantly!! It makes it hard to teach a lesson sometimes when you can't hear what they are saying over the rain, but it makes for fun experiences!!
We had two batisms in our district this week!! We helped an 8 year old get baptized who is the son of a less active family, and the other sisters had a young woman get baptized! It was fun and a good spiritual experience!! My companion has been really stressed out about not having baptisms so I hope this helps to lift her spirits! And we have found some new people to teach as well!
We had a zone meeting on Friday and they challeenged us to read the book of mormon in one month (in spanish, because there are less pages in english). So that is 18 pages every day!! It will be hard because I read so much slower in spanish and won't understand it all but I will do it!! I really have learned to love the Book of Mormon so much more here on my mission. I learn so much from it and feel the spirit. Every night I pray to ask if what I am teaching is true, and if the book of mormon is ture. I really feel the lord testifying to me that it si true!!
The spanish is SO hard sometimes when I really want to say something to a person but don't have the words. And I sometimes do not see the progress I have made. But 2 people this week told me that my spanish is doing well and that they can see that I am doing my best. That was an anwer to my prayers for sure!!!
One thing that was REALLY sad this week was there is a woman in our ward that is really incredible. 
Very strong and very happy through everything!! But her husband is not a member and drinks very heavily. Well apparently they don't have money to eat anything, and she is really struggling. But we really can'¡t do anythin to help her. I wish I had a lot of money to just be able to help these people who struggle so much!! I think being a missionary is hard, but some people have incredible struggles in this life that I can't even imagine. I know the gospel helps people and am glad to bring that peace and joy to them.
Also yesterday we heard that a family is moving out of our branch. The son has been an incredible strenght for us. He joined the church 6 years ago and whenever we need his help he comes and works with us. He has a great love for the work! He can serve in 2 years and I KNOW he will be an incredible missionary. He does not talk very much but has an inormous testimony and I know will change lives!!! We will miss him for sure!!

I don't know hardly any stories from you guys from your missions!! But I would LOVE to hear some if you remember them!! Mom, I don't know if you trained, how many times, about your investigators or converts? Same with you Zack and Hailey! If you have the time I would love to hear your stories! Maybe send a dear elder? I don't know, it would just be really cool to hear your experiences!!!
That is all for this week!!! Glad you are all doing well!!!
Make good choices and remember your testimonies!! I love you all tons and tons!!!
Love, your Nicaraguan Missionary!!
p.s. Thank you Aunt TAsha for the package!! I absolutely loved it!!!!
And I will send picures next week of the baptism it doesn't want to work today!!! 

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