Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curse Technology!

We had a lot of technical problems emailing her this week, but thankfully we got the big one! Enjoy!!

Ayayay!! Another week has gone!!! I have now been here for one cambio (transfer)!!!! Tomorrow they call to tell us who changes and who stays. The liklihood of me changing is small because I am in training but who knows!! An Hermana in our area is nervous that she will be called and REALLY does not want to leave. But she feels like she will. She has been so nice to me and so helpful that I kind of don't want her to leave either, but the Lord knows who is needed here!!
But we met the new president on Tuesday!! He is pretty wonderful. Everyone was really sad and nervous to get a new president, but I think their fears are calmed. He and his wife are those people who love you immediately and have no walls (which president and sister monestel kind of had). I think they will be like my parents by the end!! He served in Spain, went to BYU, and has been extremely successful. He manufactured the plastic that wraps meat in the stores. His company was all over the world and he has been probably in every country. He is very very funny and had us all rolling with laughter. His wife does not know any spanish but will get there! I am excited to get to know them better!!!
For training I had to watch these videos on Family History work (which I guess we don't do here because people are freaked out by the dead (but thank you for sending the names!!!)). But guess who is the main missionary in them...John C. Hamilton!!! It was fun to see his face!! Let him know he is famous :) But I am sad that we don't work wth family history because I think it is a great way to get people interested in the church, and is such a great work!!! I will just have to make up for it when I get back!
One big thing here is stereos. No matter how poor people are they seem to have really nice stereo systems...and they love to blast their music. Our neighber likes to listen to his music full blast sometimes at 5:30 or 6. But I get to listen to a lot of Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Britney Spears!! Making up for the time I didn´t liste to them when I was younger :)

Another thing about here in Nicaragua is they love love love oil. They cook everything in oil. They don't cook their rice in water, but oil. I will have to take a test when I get back to see how my collesteral is :) But it is alright for me right now!! Maybe later on my body will protest, but it is okay right now.
Okay. Now for our investigators!!! One that we started teaching when I first got here (Rosa) had been really not feeling ready for baptism. She was coming to church every week with her daughter, noche de mamamienteo (every wednesday is an activity for the ward to learn and have a spiritual thought, sometimes more, just depends), and accepting our lessons. But she felt like she had not gotten her answer to whether or not this chruch is true! She said she kind of prayed and had a strange dream but did not know if that was her answer. The other day we had watched The Testimants and Hna Cancinos was talking to her son and I took the time to figure out her fears about baptism. She said she felt like her answer should be something more. Something like a voice, or see something, or dream something. So I explained that what she was feeling at that moment with us was her answer. To pray again, and taht we would pray for her. And also that if she really did not feel ready for baptism, we would change the date. She came to church on sunday and told us that she had recognized her answer!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope that she will be ready for baptism this week that next week!!!! iT was one of the first times I felt like I was able to really help someone and felt joy in helping her!!! It is hard when I can't contribute too much to the lessons. But I learn more daily and it gets better.
A lot of our other investigators are hard. We can't tell if they want to progress or are done learning about the church!! So we hope to find some better people and families. But Saturday night we did find one family. The daughter had lived in the states for 6 years, but was back here. As we taught them she talked about how she had prayed many times before about which church is true. She seemed so prepared for our lesson! She read the book of mormon that night but did not want to come to church the next day (she said another sunday). So I really hope she decides to come with us!!!
I think that is all for this week!!! I am grateful for you all and for all that you do for me!!!! I love you all tons and tons!!! Te quiero!!!!
Love, your Nicaraguan Missionary!!!!!!!

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