Monday, July 1, 2013

And thus begins the third month!

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In front of her apartment!

Okay!! So this week has been kind of everywhere! On monday we had a crazy lesson with an investigator. After the lesson we had such a strange feeling while walking to a member's house so I said we should pray and we ran to the house. Don't know what happened but I was a little spooked. I am grateful for the spirit and for the guidance and protection that it gives me! I don't realize how strong the spirit is with me until it isn't there anymore and I feel pretty empty. What a great gift we have!! So make sure to do things to have the spirit!! :)

Then on Tuesday we were on a bus for 6 hours....yes 6. we woke up at 3:30 to get to Managua on time for the conference. It was really good. The whole Monestel family spoke. He was ready to leave, but his wife no. She has loved her time with the missionaries and is sad to leave. I didn't know that well, but know that they are an incredible family. A family who loves each other and loves the Lord!! So now we have a enw president!!! We meet him on Wednesday so we travel again!! It will be about 2 hour bus ride to Jinnotepe where we will meet the family with our zone!! Some missionaries are pretty nervous and don't want to meet him, but I think he will be good! The Lord has called him and we need his help!! New rules and goals, but it will be good!! I think it is like when we get a new president of the church. Different but good!!

Oh, and the changes the apostles talked about for the leadership meeting....don't go into affect here :) Not in a place where half the people don't have phones or computers!!!

This week I have been grateful for my leaders. They have been able to help me figure out how to be a good missionary, how to learn spanish better, and more. I feel like the Lord always puts people in my path that help me with all of the troubles that I have. I am so grateful for that!!! 

Another thing I have learned is about the gift of tongues:) I used to think it was this rapid thing. That after a month or two I would speak spanish pretty well!! But it is something that you really have to desire, work hard at, and struggle with. The Lord will help, yes, but not without work. And it is this way with all of the gifts that we want to develop in our lives. It is like that chapter in the Book of Mormon that talks about faith is like a seed. Jsut substitute faith for the characteristic!!! IT is hard, but I know the Lord will help me do it!! 

It was pretty sad because a lot of our investigators have fallen through. They don't want to commit, do the things, and are tired of listening. So we really need to work on teaching slower, shorter lessons and building their testimonies! I think that they want to learn, but get a little tired. We talked as a zone how the most important thing for them to do is to come to church on sunday. Because that is where they take the sacrament and feel the spirit!! So we will see what we can do with that!

It was also hard this week because my companion has been so sick. She got a bad cold and then the past few days has been throwing up. She is better today, but I hope I don't catch anything!! :) I seem to have one heck of an immune system though, so I hope it stays that way!

Some more things about the culture: beans rice and rice and rice:) We drink a lot of drinks out of bags (it is more environmentally safe because everyone just throws it on the ground). Here fasting they fast dinner and breakfast and eat lunch on sunday. ummm.... my nickname is Calocha (curly hair). Seriously....everyone calls me that. They all love my hair! (This is probably our favorite part of the whole thing :) )

Thank you for ALL of your love and support!!! I love you so much!!!!

Love, your Nicaraguan Hermana!!

Keep doing great things!!! And tell me about them :)

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