Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Week, Another Letter

Hola from Guatemala!!! Semana (week) 2!!!!
This week has been SO much better. After talking to my district we have all decided that at one time or another in the first week we thought we had made a mistake and needed to get back on a plain to go home. But after that first week we feel so much better. The spanish is progressing (slowly) and we are adjusting to the work load. There is a sense of peace here and everyone works hard. Everyone is willing to build you up and give you a hug if you are having a hard day. Two of my roommates are leaving tomorrow which is really sad. I wish i could have gotten to know them better!! They were very nice girls! One is going to Nicaragua Sul, and the other is staying in Guatemala. I then have another roommate (Hermana Potter) who I look up to a lot. She is one of those people you never thinks of herself and her problems but is always looking for ways to serve everyone else. She is very happy and doesn't focus on the negative. I am working on trying to be more like her (in my own way). To think of others. I know that by doing that I will feel happier and better myself.
Family!! Did you sell Hanz yet? you have to tell me when you do because i will feel a little sad for him. I will miss him. I think we got along well because he worked so well with me!!
And thank you so much for the letters you gave me!! I had to read them a few days after I got here because I knew it would be too hard at first. You really know how to help me feel good about myself and know that I can do all hard things.
One of my favorite things to do here is sing the hymns in spanish. It is a great way to learn because you have to say the words fast and I have realized that you can feel the spirit singing hymns even if you don't understand all of the words. There are 100 less hymns in spanish, but the songs are all good. We sing probably 5 hymns a day which is a fun time!
I have loved reading the scriptures. I could read all day if I could!! My roommate read the entire book of mormon while she was here and I want to see how far I can get!! I am finishing my second time reading it (woot!) And just finished 3 Nephi. I think it would be SO cool to meet the 3 nephites and hear all that they have to tell. They have seen so much and done so much!!
If you need a good thing to read look up The Felloswhip of the Unashamed by Elder Eyring!!!
I love you all TONS!!!! You are the best!!!
Send any good pinterest quotes or talks my way!!! Dear elders are great for that!!!
Love, Your Nicaraguan Missionary, Hermana Morey

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