Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Week in the CCM!

Hola Familia!!!! Como Esta?! Este semana es mi ultima semana aqui en el
CCM!!!!! Estoy MUY nervioso!! Pero estoy animada!!! Lo sietno, but this
computer won't let me make paragraphs, so enjoy!! :) Don't send anymore
letters or dear elders here because I won't get them for a while!! Send it
all to Nicaragua! This week has been CRAZY and a lot has gone on!! A huge
group of people left last Tuesday making us the oldest people here!! It
was really sad to see them go and kind of helped make me feel ready to
move on and go on my own mission! They made a lot of changes for us like
changed our schedules and moved our rooms. They are doing lots of
construction here to accomadate the changes in the amount of people coming
in. The first few days of the change were pretty awful but we have gotten
used to it!! We are all pretty nervous to leave and sad to leave our
district but know that it has to happen! I have set some goals for myself
before I go out to Nicarauga 1. no complaining! I know there be a lot of
hard things like the weather, food, and sanitation, but dwelling on it
will make it no better. 2. is to have a good attitude. Try to smile and
laugh through the hard times. Zack, Hailey, Mom did you have any
companions who spoke no english? How did that go? Part of me hopes I get a
Latino companion who doesn't know English to force me to learn, but the
other part is scared to death because I know it will be hard. So I pray
that my trainer is prepared to have me as a companion and that we can
learn to work together whatever our situation is!!!  So now for a funny
story: I made my first mistake speaking spanish. We do a thing called CRE
where you teach a less active member which usually turns out to be a
member because they got them from the temple. Ours started off by telling
us that she was a member, her whole family was, and she had been so for 30
years. She just goes off talking, teaching us more than us her. She was
talking so fast I could only understand a few words. I was just smiling,
and nodding. She paused for a second and I said "que bien!" Hna Nuttle
asked her to repeat, turns to me and says "She just told us her daughter
died a long time ago!" I felt so embarassed but it didn't seem to fase the
woman at all. She was very sweet, thought and we felt the spirit very
strongly! I know that that is my first of many many mistakes!  Oh mom! you
asked about fasting. Here in the CCM and all MTCs it isn't about the
decision to fast, you have to fast.
They just don't serve any food so you have to. But it is good because I am
always such a bad faster!! And thet set up here is like a dorm.
All the girls on our floor share a bathroom with a few showers. So we have
the rule of 5 minute showers and no getting dressed in them because the
lines get so long and we only have so much time to get ready. We had a
fast from spanish this past week. It was really hard but very helpful. my
brain hurt a lot afterwards and I was glad to speak spanish, but we are
trying to speak as much spanish as possible as a district so that it is
easier once we get out to the field. And we will probably have another
fast this week. We had a lesson on Sunday in relief society about family
history. Apparently the church really focuses on it here (so I guess I do
need my pedigree chart and some family history stories, please!! You could
send them in a manilla folder or just in an envelope.). The first sunday
after baptism they start them on family history and work to get them to
the temple as soon as possible. It is really cool! But sad that it will be
hard for the Nicaraguan's to go the temple. We really love the Latinos
They do a program with the missionaries here where they learn english, and
we learn spanish. Because it benefits all of us!!! We will both get better
jobs for knowing the other language.  
Okay, Thank you so much for the package!!!! And thank you for sending
> the second!!!! My spanish is coming along!! I will tell you more about
> it in the letter. They don't tell us anything about departure until
> Next
> But we found out we can call!!! We heard that we really aren't
> allowed, but asked Hermans Nicolayson (the president's wife) And she
> told us that she would be disappointed if her children didn't call
> her, but that we didn't hear anything and we never asked. hint, hint.
> So...We are supposed to be out of the CCM by 3:30 am. I would be
> prepared for a call anytime between 4 and 6. Sorry, I know it is super
> early, but I figure you want a call anyways no matter how early :)
Well, that is all for this week and
for the next two weeks!!! Hope you all are doing well!!
know how much I love you and how much I know this Church is true!!!
Keep doing what is right!!! Love, your Nicaraguan Missionary. And read
2 nephi 4 for a pick me up if you need one!! :):)

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