Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's a Long One!

Bienvanidos from the CCM!!!!
I honestly CANNOT believe that I have been here for 3 weeks!! It feels like I have been here forever, yet that I just got here. I have decided here time is weird. The days go slowly but the weeks go fast. But good things have happened! It has been both a hard and great week. I learned a lot and experienced a lot!
We went to the Market on Tuesday which was INCREDIBLE (did you get my letter because I explained it all in there and I don't have time to explain it all here). It was nice because here in the CCM it still feels like we are in the U.S. But the colors are so incredible and every inch of the place is ocvered in items to buy. Things are less expensive here wich is nice :). I hope that someday you guys get to go to a market like this one because it is definatley somthing to see! And then we went to a relief map of Guatemala and our MTC president explained to us the theory of the Book of Mormon taking place here which was pretty cool!!
One other exciting thing that happened this week was I woke up one morning really early (I have a hard time staying asleep here) and was rubbing my eyes and my eyebrow felt sore (that sore feeling when you are about to get a big zit on your face) and I thought I would check it when I got up for the day. When I got up an hour or two later I was opening my eyes and it felt like something was in my eye because my vision was blurry and I couldn't see very well. I went to look in the mirror and low and behole my eye was swollen shut!!! I yelled 'Hermana Nuttle look at my face!!' We rushed to the bathroom where my roommate who is a CNA was getting ready and she checked it out. We decided that I got bit by a mosquito right on my eyelid during the night. The swelling went down and was fine in a few hours and I found more mosquito bites on my face later. It was just really freaky to see my face like that and kind of funny. So now I put insect repellent on my face before I go to bed to protect my oh so precious face (just teasing). But really, the mosquitos here are intense, and May is the month of bugs here I guess!! It has also started to rain a lot here as we enter the rainy season!
Just another fun thing that I did was my disctrict wanted to see what my hair looks like when I brush it out. You have seen it brushed out? Well with the humidity it was even more intense. Everyobdy couldn't stop staring and touching. The latinos were the most amazed. It was fun to do it, but really really hot!! Just wanted to let you know that I am letting myself go sometimes :)
A few things I haven't told you about the CCM. Sundays are SO stressful because every week we have to prepare a 5 minute talk on a different subject in espanol. You never know if you will get called up! So you spend most of sacrament worrying :) Then 2 companionships get called up during sunday school to teach a 10 minute lesson in english (that one isn't as bad except the guy who looks over our class really gets after people for their lessons).
Also, the CCM is placed right by a very big street so constantly we here cars going by and lots of noises. Sometimes at night cars will race down the road which is exciting :) Also next to us is an All girls Catholic school. Sometimes they have parties and during Deportes (sports) we hear their music. They played Ke$ha one day and we were all worried the song would be stuck in our head the rest of the day but we were fine!!
Mi Companera has been really sick these past few days and I am amazed that I haven't gotten sick at all!! I don't know what kind of immune system I have but it is awesome!!! I do think I will get some vitamin C though, just to make sure :) But we have been working on getting to know how to work with each other better! This week we had a little disconnet and had to learn how important it is to have companionship inventory (when you discuss things that you need to work on as a companionship to get along better and be united better. Things like, please don't do this, etc.). Communication is key and just being able to do what the other person wants sometimes. It is getting better, though!! And I know that it is something really important for me to learn.
Brother Amado from the 70 (you have seen him speak in General Conference) came and talked to us last night and it was so good! It told us of his experience learning english. And one thing that really helped me as I work on not being homesick is he said we do so much more good for our families and bless them more if we put our heart and soul into the work. What good does it do if I worry and think all day about how much I miss home? It just hinders my work and makes me have a hard day. So I am working on that!! It is so nice to have people come and talk and build us up. Tell us what we need to do and let us know we can do it!
I also really love going to the temple. We get to go every week which is a blessing. I really love being there and it gives me strenght to do what I need to for another week! It makes me really sad, though that I won't be able to go for a long long time. But it will be okay!!
One thing that makes me nervous sometimes is when they talk about what our missions will be like in our countries. Sometimes I don't know what to believe, but we had a sanitation discussion the other day. I don't think I ever thought about what the bathrooms will be like here, but now I know!! I know that I will be able to do it, but it still makes me nervous. Especially because I won't know what to expect! So they just told us some things we need to carry around with us and look out for. And I know the Lord help me through it all!!!
I finished the B.O.M for the second time this week!! I am so grateful to be able to read from it and learn so much from it!! I was so terrible before the mission that I am glad to have an opportunity to really delve into it!!
That is all for today!!! I love you all!!! Keep being wonderful!!!
Love, your Nicaraguan missionary with the big hari :)
Hermana Morey

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