Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 2!

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Hola Mi Familia!!!

That is about as much spanish as I am going to speak in this letter because it is about all I can speak!! I can't believe it has only been a week since i got here!! It feels like so much longer! I have already seen people I know! Hermana Ross is doing so well (she has a hard time calling me Hermana Morey!), Hermana Anderson (the girl I was always talking to before I left) and another Hermana Anderson (the girl I visit taught at BYU (she is going to Hondurus).

First of all I will tell you about the CCM (we pronounce it se se eme). It is very small. There are 6 girls to every room (but we fit nicely). We aren't aloud to touch the Elders at all or sit with them at lunch. There are the Nortes (us white people :) and teh Latinos. All Nortes are here for six weeks not matter how much spanish you know and the Latinos for 2. They are very helpful in helping us learn spanish and are very very nice. Everyone here is very nice and very supportive. I have roommates who have been here for 5 weeks, and 3. There are so many rumours that fly around here that we never know what to believe (people will say that this MTC will change into an only Norte MTC or all the things we hear about how our mission will be). We are told not to believe any of them ;) The teachers are all from Guatemala and know English well to help us. My teacher is Hermano Valdez and he went to Peru on his mission. he is very helpful and nice. We learn a lot from him.

My district is very nice. We all get along really well (it took a few days to get used to each other but we got there!). Hermana Anderson (South Jordan one) is in my district and it has been fun to get to know her. All of sisters in our district is going to the same mission and all of the elders are going to a part of Guatemala that I can't pronounce.

Eating here is different than provo because there is only one choice and you must it it all (it is offensive to not). You can ask for a little less but it is still a lot. EVERYONE gains weight here. The food is SO good. They make some American things (or try to) and ease us into eating Latino food. It was weird eating beans and salsa for breakfast but I have gotten used to it. Eggs hav a new meaning for me here!! They tell us they feed us so much here because we won't get much in our mission :) I here in nicaragua we are lucky to get one big meal everyday and lucky to have a glass of milk for breakfast.

They work us hard like at all MTCs. Somedays I wonder how I will do it all but it ends up working out!!! I am amazed at how much i can do. I thought I would find it so hard to get up at 6:30 (I tried multiple times before the mission and failed misserably) but it has been easy!  Right off the bat we started teaching an investigator. Her name is Martina and she works in the cafeteria. She lived in Las Vegas for 5 years so knows English very well. She is the perfect investigator to start off. she didn't know much about religion at all when we started. My whole district (12 of us (4 elders 8 sisters) teach her daily. it is cool to see how the spirit works as we teach her the things taht she needs to know. We have speculated as to whether she is fake or real, but we think she is real (her story would be hard to make up). She says she wants to be baptized but needs to learn more. Tonight is our last night teaching her and then she will go on to the real missionaries if she wants to (we have our fingers crossed!!). We will start doing CRE (it is where we teach members pretending) and teachers.

The spirit is very strong here and I know that I am doing the right thing. We had a devotional yesterday and it was the President of the Area 70. he was very direct and did not mince words. he told us we need to be obedient, open our mouths, and be WILLING TO WORK HARD!!! It was what I needed. I know it will be hard, and sometimes I don't want to do it, but it will be so worth it why back down now? And on Sunday we watched part of Errend of Angels in Relief Society (the part where she is struggling with her roommate (do i look like I go jogging in the mornings? :) They build you up a lot here. It is hard to not know the language and not be able to say everything I want to. There have been times (especially when watching The District) that I have desparately wanted to be in an English speaking mission. But I know that there would be hard things about that too!!

If you want to send me a package or letter address it to Hermana Morey (it gets here faster and is more likely to get here if it does). And unwrap anything taht is new (I have to pay for it if it is not). Anyone can email me now which is exciting!!!!

I love you all with all my heart!!!! Until next week!!!

Your Nicaraguan missionary,
    Hermana Morey!!

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