Monday, May 13, 2013

2 Weeks Left in the CCM!

We have 2 more weeks left here!!! We are all freaking out a little bit as we see the people pack up to leave tomorrow. They are nervous but feel ready to face what they need to after getting priesthood blessings from their district!

Still eating lots and lots of food!! I can feel it!! I think I will try to eat better this week just because I feel gross :) (And my stomouch doesn't always like me for it). If you want authentic latino food, add some beans and chips and salsa to your breakfast. Just make scrambled eggs and put salsa on it. We eat that all the time!!

I am loving it here and learning so much!!! 

I am so happy that you are working hard and reading your scriptures!! I have seen the power it adds to my day and have loved reading it!!

I had a cool experience at the temple last week. As I entered the celestial room I started tearing up. It was a combination of stress, feeling God's love for me, and a little homesickness. I was trying to hide it because there were a lot of people in the room. But after a few minutes, Hma Anderson came and put her arm around me. I was telling her after that I was grateful for that. She told me she had been getting the prompting to come over to me and resisted it at first but decided it couldn't hurt. I realized then that that was Heavenly Father's sign to me that he was watching out for me and thinking of me. 

I told myself I wouldn't forget to tell you Happy Mother's day, and I ended up forgetting!!! I am so sorry!! I wrote a letter to you, but I don't know if you got it yet. Our teacher's mom went to Utah and she took the letters for us, so I had hoped that you would get it in time!! But if not, I hope you know how much I love you!!! you are such a great example to me!!! 

How did clair do on her talk? 

Can'tbelieve Andrea is getting married and about Kjirsti!!

And that story about Aubrey, that is pretty cool! She will be a greatmissionary!!! 

I also wanted to thank you for getting those scriptures for me!! They are wonderful!! Especially because we have been told we will walk miles between houses it will be nice to have small ones!! I love reading from them. I got a bag here that I think may work better than the timbuk2. It clips around my waist and goes over my shoulder. Things are so much cheaper here!! I got a mini preach my gospel and it was 1dollar, and garments are SO cheap!! I am going to get some of the cotton mix ones. They want us to changetwice and day and shower twice a day to prevent rashes and such!!

I love you tons!!! I hope you know it!!! Did you feel like you were appreciated on mother's day!!? I thought about you a lot and wished I could call you!!!

Oh, before I forget, because I am going to walmart manana, will you just make sure there is enought money in my account? I think it will be okay, but just in case?

Got to go! Sorry not much today!!! 

Love you all!! Have a wonderful day and know I love you!!

Your Nicaraguan missionary, Hma. Morey

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