Monday, June 9, 2014

We Must CHOOSE to Be Happy

Hello on this beautiful day!!! WEll, at least here it is. It has started to rain a little, but not as much as it usually does at this time of year. Usually it starts in May, it is June, and it isn't raining much, just a few nights. I am remembering how much I don't like preaching in the rain, but at least the people let us in their houses because they feel bad for us :) 

One thing I have been wanting to tell you is how GOOD the fruit is here. There isn't tons, but it is good. The Mangos are very good. When they are green we eat them with salt and chile, when ripe, you just eat it as it is :) The bananas are good too. We usually don't eat much fruit and vegetables, but when we do they are delicious!!! Apples and grapes and pears and strawberries are VERY expensive here because they inport them. Just thought you would want to know a little about the fruiet :) 

This week we have been working to make sure that the investigators we have really come to church on Sunday and helping them receive their answers. Most of the people we had with dates fell yesterday because they ended up not coming to church. Even thought it was hard, we had the knowledge that we did everything we could to help them and teach them well. Larry keeps coming to church, but they have to get married (and they fight over which Chruch to get married in and on't want to get married civily) and he feels like he hasn0t received a good enough answer to get baptized. We had a VERY good lesson with them and the bishop. He explained to them the importance of marriage and the blessings it will bring and how they will get their answer if they read the BOM and pray to see if it is true! Hopefully things go well!! 

I think that this is the hardest I have ever worked in an area without results. But we work hard to not get discouraged and to just keep working hard. We know that it can't always be success and we have the satisfaction to know we are doing our best. I try to focus on the 10 evidences of a successful missionary in PMG and not just on the numbers. 

We had a very good lesson in district meeting on Friday. I really love those. Our zone leader is finishing his mission on Wednesday. Even though I have only known him for one transfer, he has been an incredible example. he is extremely obedient, works very hard, but has a great attitude and is always happy. So he talked about how we need to have a good attitude while doing the work and how we CHOOSE to be happy. The companion, the area does not make us happy. We will be happy because we decide to, and because we are obedient. Nobody can make us happy, only us. The people really don't understand, that is why they reject us and don't listen. We have had a lot of time to prepare oursleves and learn what is important, and we expect them to do the same in a short number of weeks. I really enjoyed it and have been focusing on that this week!!! 

That is all for this week!! I hope you know how much I love you! Thanks for everything!! I hope Clarissa can get better. I pray for her every single day. I know she  can do it!! I hope everything is going well with all of you!!! 

I love you!! 

Love, Your Nicaraguan Hermana Morey 

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