Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feeling Good

It has been a VERY good week. The ZL are have a plan that every Tuesday we have divisions because we work harder when we are on divisions and then we start the week off well and are more likely to complete are goals. And it was true!! We contacted more than I have ever contacted in my mission (125 people) and had a lot of success. We are finding some chosen people, and putting baptism dates like crazy. Working very hard. There are ALWAYS ways in that we can be more obedient, work more eficiently, work harder. I don't know if any missionary feels like they have done enough. I get nervous when I think that I almost only have 6 months left. And try to put all my heart into the work so that I don't go home thinking I could have done more. 

Another thing that happened was that yesterday we had 8 people in church!!! 8!! Ususally we have 3 or 4. But we had double!!! A recent convert brought 2 people, and many more. And the church attendance was about 90. I think they overexagerate the attendance, but hey! So we are improving here. It is crazy the difference between the church here and in the states. The development. It throws some people off to see that here there are a lot of things different than in Guatemala where the church is more developed, but I think it is one of the great opportunities that I have to serve here and see the church grow. It is frustrating at times, but we are getting there!! We will see a temple here soon  :) 

We had an INCREDIBLE day on Wednesday. Taught some good lessons and it was one of those moments when I feel completely full of joy in the work. It is hard to feel that sometimes and easy to wonder what in the heck I am doing here. But that day I could feel the joy. Feel that I was doing what the Lord asks of me, full of love for the people. So full of energy I wanted to keep going all night. Wanted to share with everyone we came across. A great moment!!! 

I was thinking the other night about all the people I have come to love here in the mission, here in nicaragua. There are missionaries I have gotten to know, members we work with, people we teach taht I love so much. I wonder sometimes if I knew them before this life and if after we will share all the good experiences we had in this short time I spend here. I just hope that they can feel the love of the Lord and and grateness of  His Gospel through me. I hope that I do everything the Lord requires of me and that I don't go home wishing I did more. It is going by fast!!! 

I hope you are all reading your scriptures!! I love all the scriptures that talk about the Atonement and what the Lord has done for us. One thing I have learned through reading Jesus The Christ is that he did it completely volntarily. There was nothing forced on him. And that he is happy to know that what he did helps us come back the Heavenly Father. I love it!! 

I hope you know how much I love you!!! Thanks for all your love and letters and emails!!! I will let you know if I get eggs thrown at me Saturday (it is what they do here for birthdays :)  Have a GREAT week!!!! Go do some good!!! 

Love, Hermana Morey! 

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