Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Year Older

This week was a good week!! It went by really fast. Can't believe that I am writing again.

I will start with my birthday because I know that that is what you want to hear about :) I was super surprised. I thought it would be a day like the rest and I was preprared for that. But in the morning Hna. Anderson called me saying her comipanion was really sick if we could bring a thermometer and a few other things for her. I believed her. So we got ready and went over. As we walked in the whole district was there and scared me (I will send the picture, it was good). I thought I was going to be blasted with a bunch of eggs in that moment. But they asked me how crazy I was, they couldn't do it at that moment. But they had a piƱata waiting. They tied a bandana around my head and spun me around. Then they hit me with 7 eggs. That was fun. Then we ate some cake and had a water fight. A really good birthday!! some members made me dinner and we had shakes at night as a district. 

This week we taught a lot of lessons and ran around. I always get nervous when the Hermanas lideres come to have divisions with us, but it went well. We have more people progressing. One man who said he would never stop believing in the Virgin Maria said he had a really good experience at church (but then he asked us for money....so I am hoping he still had a good experience). One man who we passed by this week with the Elderes and he asked why if in the Bible it tells us the woman can't wear makeup and jewerlry we do it in our church.....oops. And another young man. We are always dropping people that we had such high hopes for. I don't think I will ever lose the hope that people will come to church and choose to make the changes necessary....but oh well. 

I learned a very important lesson this week, though. We passed by a family that we had contacted and after having a lot of training these past few weeks about putting baptismal dates I tried to stick one. And boy did I do it at the wrong moment and the lesson turned from good to bad. Learning that not always is it the right moment. I cannot be putting dates just to put a date. What is the point if we do it without the spirit. Then we passed by a family for the third visit determined to put a date but he then asked about how we feel about the saints and saying he could never stop believing in them. Wrong moment to try to put one. And practicing in Distring Meeting I learned that the spirit has to be there. We cannot just be so focused on puting the date that we don't worry about their doubts their situation. We have to do it with love. Always listening to them. Or the whole point of it is selfish and just to put another number down at the end of the day. So,,,I keep learning!!! yay!!! I was humbled this week!!!! 

I think that is all!!! Thank you all for your love and support!!! I pray for you daily!!! I hope you are all happy and loving life :) 

Love, Your Hermanita Morey who can now drink, but won't :)

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