Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making it Worth It

Can you believe that we have finished February?! That is INCREDIBLE!!! Time is going by way too fast. But Rabits!!! I win! :) 

you said it, mom, it is getting super toasty here right now. We are coming into the hottest time of Nicaragua!! Woot!!! But my companion says that where she is from....it is even hotter (but I can't imagine that!). It is raining a little bit, which just makes things hotter. Also, don't worry. I still make a lot of mistakes when I talk, I just have to make sure everyone gets a good laugh. I am still the same me whether I am speaking English or Spanish :) 

This week has been pretty normal!! We are contacting a bunch and really trying to meet the goals of excelence that President has put for us (140 contacts in the week, 41 lessons, 21 with less actives and converts). It is really hard, but we are working on it!! This week a BUNCH of lessons fell through (the mission, right?) and we have been unusually tired, but we keep working! Even on those really hard days, I notice that something good ALWAYS happens (maybe we contacted someone really positive, had a really good lesson, etc). And I feel the Lord at times really guiding us. We were able to pass by a convert of ours when she really needed it. She wanted to stop going to church because she thought she commited the unforgivable sin (where it says that it would have been better not to have been born) and felt very sad very distraught. But we were able to help her feel better. the more time I have in the mission the more I am convinced that the miracles aren't that someone impossible decided to get baptized, but more the little moments. The times when we pass someone in the moment they needed it. When we are able to lift them up. when they feel the spirit and can recognize their answer. And although I would love to do incredible things like the stories everyone tells forever about those missionaries who do the impossible, I know that I am me, and the Lord will use me how he needs me best. Be it dropping everything to help someone iin distress. A good life lesson!!! 

And I also know that we pass through all the hard times to appreciate the good and to make us stronger. One week Hailey told me that if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worht it. And I really believe that and understand that now. how boring would life be if it were all easy, what would we learn? what would be the purpose of life? We come here to be refined and purified. And if we do it well, we will be glorified in the end. But we have to demonstrate that we are worthy and really can be Gods. I remember being so confused when people said they were grateful for the trials, but now I understand!! That is why we came here!! (2 nephi 2)

Thank you all for sending emails about the fact that we are lazy missionaries!! I love you guys and am grateful for your support and love!!! Thank you for praying for me!!! This week will by awesome!! Just waith and see :) 

Keep up the great work!!! Keep doing good things!! So exciting about all the missionaries we are having in the family!! I love it!!! Have a WONDERFUL week!!! 

Love, Hermanita Morey

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