Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exclamation Point!

Happy Valentines Day!!! Or as they say here, day of love and friendship. For us, day of friendship :) 

It sounds like everyone is doing well!! Still can't beleive Clair went through the temple!! She is a big girl now!! No short skirts or shorts for her :) Can't wait to be able to see the new temple movie....I miss the temple ;( But today marks my 10 only 8 more months!! Crazy!!! 

We were able to have a baptism this past Saturday. It was SO good. Her name is Inginia and she got baptized even though she felt so sick. Not many members came but ALL the missionaries came to help us out. And to help us eat the 3 pound cake we accidently bought for it ;) It was very spiritual and she is very happy. I love her. One of those people that I know it was not an accident that we met her and started talking to her when we did. She had been prepared  by the Lord. Don't feel like I did too much, just helped her feel the Lord's love and find the right path and she started going!!!! 

This week I was reading the conference talks (love those!) and reading the talk by I can't remember who, but it talks about exclamation point! And he quoted Elder Perry from the mission president conference who said taht this time that we are in right now, witht he hastening of the work, is as incredible as if we were there when Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, or when he translated the BOM. So how cool is that?! We are in an incredible time. Seeing incredible things. The time to prepare is coming to an end. And I want, when that day comes for my Heavenly Father to tell me that I did everything that I could, to enter his kingdom like he did with Enos. I work hard daily to improve the little things I do wrong. To contact when I don't want to, teach with a little more love, have more patience, have more faith. I do my best and I KNOW my heavenlty father helps make up for ther rest!!!

I know he loves us all!!! He is so mindful of us all and all that we struggle with. One of my favortie scriptures is in Alma 7: 11y 12 where Alma teaches us that Jesus suffered for EVERYTHING. not just our sins. I don't fully comprehend it, nor will I. But I feel his love for us all. Don't you ever forget that!!!! 

It is getting a lot hotter here in Nicaragua!! Burning up!!! But we are surviving ;) Do you know how hot? Because I don't. 

P.s. I got the letter from the ladies in the ward!! Thank you!! I will try this week to write more letters home!! I have a LOT to write!! Sorry for not writing back!!! 

Have a WONDERFUL week!! I love you all!!! Keep reading your BOM and learning ltos!! Good luck in everthing you have to do!!!!! LOVe seeing your fotos!!!! 

Love, Hna Gatita (AKA Morey) 

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