Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hello!!! A new week has gone by and we went to changes!! My companion got the call that she did indeed have changes, she was going to leave Juigalpa and I was going to........train again!! Woot!! I was shocked. I thought that I was for sure going to leave but we got a curveball thrown our way. She was REALLY sad to leave and I was sad to see her go, too. We had a great time together! But That means I will most likely have about 8 months here in Juigalpa with those Chontalanians!! 

So my new companion is Hermana OrdoƱez. She is 19 and from Nicaragua (a department called Leon). She is pretty quiet but willing to work hard and has a big testimony. Like me she has curly hair (that turned curly when she was 12 and only she has curly hair). And her parents are separated. Weird. But I think I will really love my time with her! 

So at changes our mission received 23 new!!! ALL of the zone leaders are in trios training and everyone in our district is training. Woot!! We got a new AP and 2 elders were called to go around training missionaries. LOTS of changes!! In our district on elder was in a gang in Guatemala...yikes. And the older elder with the Zone leaders is from Costa Rica. 

But at changes President got up and told us that Elder Amado told him we are a lazy group of missionaries....ouch. So we had a goal for 1500 baptisms this year but uped it to 1800. So we are feeling the pressure a bit. He pulled all the trainers aside and told us we have a HUGE responsibility and we have to do it right. So here it goes!!!! 

This week we went by Inginia and she told us she wants to be baptized this week!! She was oing to be baptized this past Saturday but how astute is Satan that her daughter in law got sick and she had to go to her farm. Now she got sick. But we are hoping and praying all goes well for a baptism this Saturday!! Pray for us!! 

We have been finding some great people! And having great experiences! Just sad that hardly anyone came to churhc on Sunday. I hate that. They just had a bunch of lies and excueses. But we will pass by this week and promise blessings and commit and see if they will take the chance to go to church and receive the blessings the Lord has in store for them!!! 

This week I was reading In D&C 121, 122, and 123. I really love those sections. If Joseph Smith had a hard time....then I cannot expect to have an easy time. It will take a lot of effort on my part!! But I will keep enduring and working to help people receive the blessings of salvation. Because we KNOW they can't receive it without the Gospel. Just keep praying hard for us out here, please!!! Put Inginia Rodriguez and Naomi and Nora Castor on the temple role!! 

I love you all!!! And Happy Birthday Clair!!! 19!! Woot!!! Have a GREAT week!!!! 

A talk a love from Elder Holland 

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