Monday, November 11, 2013

Transfers and...Training!!

Well this transfer is coming to an end!!! My companion finishes her mission on Wednesday and......I am going to train!!!! Woot!! Got the call this morning and it felt like a dream, still doesn't feel real!!! But I will serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength and do the best I can. I will let you know next week how it all goes!!!! 

This week we were able to finish off the cambio (transfer) with a baptism!! He was really special: wanted to change everything in order to follow the Lord. Even so much as to feel so worried about paying his tithing yesterday. I think he will be a great member!!! And he will work to convert everyone he comes into contact with! So I think he will be alright!!! 

Hermana Lopez has been getting ready to leave: packing her suitcases and saying goodbye to people. REally sad to see her go but excited for what this next transfer brings. It will all be on me as to what we do and how we work but I am up for the challenge (I think :) I did teach District Meeting on Friday. I was a little nervous but it went well!! I talked about Miracles and how we have the power and authority to do miracles in the mission but we need the faith and hope to be able to do so. It has been something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Even if they didn't learn a lot, I did!!! It is incredible what faith can do!

We had divisions with the training sisters this week. It went alright. She left us with a lot to think about :) Hermana Lopez is happy doesn't have to do them again :) 

Things have been going well here!! Lots of contacting and looking for more people to teach. Saturday was a bugger because every single one of our appointments and backup plans fell through. The first time in my mission when we had no idea where to go or what to do. But we eventually found a less active and were able to teach her and she came to church yesterday (a testimant that there is always something good after all the bad). I don't know my area nearly well enough for my companion to leave, but my new companion and I will learn it together!!! Oh boy. Lots to do and lots to think about!!! I just hope I can be a good trainer!! At least I know what not to do!!! :) 

I think that that is it!!! Nothing too exciting or interestin (sorry). I am sure there will be more interesting news next week!!!

I know that the Church is true and that God loves us!!! There are so many moments when I think I can't do more but the Lord helps me and gives me the strenght. And the Spirit testifies to me that the things I am teaching are true and that I am in the right place. It will never be easy, but he will help us through. And he really is there for us when we need him. HE is willing to bless us if we ask for it and do our part. We signed up for this and wanted to come on this journey. We knew it wouldn't be easy but we chose it anyways!!! Now we just have to prove that we are willing to do what it takes! Prove Satan wrong!! 

I love you all fiercely!!!! Keep up the great work!! Stay strong! Have fatih! And laugh through all the hard times. We can do all hard things with the help of Christ. 

Hecho Fuego esta semana!!!

Love, Your Nicaraguan Missionary

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