Monday, November 25, 2013


Feliz dia de Gracias!!!!! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here but as a zone we are going to do something. Each companionship will receive money so that we can do a lunch or dinner. So the Elders from Blufills (an island very far away) are even going to come. So it should be good!!! 

This week has been a week full of work. Tuesday we worked with our District Leader. Man that elder works hard. And he likes to be very direct (telling people straight up that they are fornicating, etc.). But it was a good day and we learned a lot from him. And we had some success!!!!

Then the rest of the week we worked pretty hard. We have been able to find some new people that are positive. I will tell you what happened with one woman. Tuesday we had contacted a woman named Violeta. Then Wednesday we went to go find her and teach her and her husband. Looking for her we found a house where the lady said she was violeta. But after a few minutes she asked us how we knew her name, she wasn't the woiman we had contacted! But this Violeta was VERY positive and her sister is a member and a good example. There are NO coinsidences. But that Wednesday was very powerful. I felt the spirit guiding us in every contact and every lesson. Don't know if I have ever felt the spirit so strongly throughout the whole day. It was incredible. I felt so full of the spirit and joy I couldn't believe it!!! I really hope to have more experiences like that. I realize more and more that that is what the mission is about. Loving the people and serving them, not baptizing them. Don't like it when I start to focus too much on the baptisms and numbers rather than demonstrating my love for them. 

Sorry, I don't have too much time to write everything that happened. But we did get a lesson where all the man could ask was if Mary had more sons ( and couldn't believe that someone as pure as her could). This morning I redid the Christlike Attributes and realized that maybe I have progressed a little :) Feel like my patience and hope have increased. And my love for people. Still need to work on others, but little by little. 

And training is going very well. I love my companion. She is very nice and a very good missionary. I got VERY lucky with her. We are working hard and being obedient!! Hope to see miracles here in Juigalpa!!!! But most of all, we want to share our love!!!! 

I hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! I love you all and am extremely grateful to have you as my family and friends. Know that I think and pray for you often!!!!! 

Until next week!!!!! 

P.S. And put me down for Nicargua Managua, Norte or Japan for Clarissa's Call!!! CAN?t beleive it!!! Both of us out at the same time!!!!!! 

Love you!!!

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