Tuesday, November 5, 2013

El Dia de los Muertos

Hello!!! I hear it is snowing over there!!!! I hope you have all strated listening to Christmas music because as you know, it is the time after Holloween meaning time for Christmas!!!!! Woot! We too have entered the winter season here....but that just means no rain :) We will see how cold it actually gets here!! Hope you all rememberd the hour change and made it to church on time yesterday!!! :)

This week has been crazy!! We had interviews with Presidente!! They were REALLY good. I always feel the spirit very strongly from him. He was late because an Elder's dad died and he left for home right away (how devestating!). But we just talked about ll my sins. Nah, just about how to help the Less actives here and how I can improve. I can't even imagine how hard he and his wife work to make sure that we are all okay. I surely appreciate all that they do!!  

I finished reading the book of mormon again this week!! I really love tht book! Never appreciated it like I should have before. But I always learn new things and feel such a spirit after my personal study each morning! Always wish there was more time!!! But I know the book is true and taht we can learn SO much from reading and receive so much strenght!! Keep reading daily!! At least 5 minutes!!!! 

Saturday as you all know was day of the dead here. So we planned an ctivity as a district to set up a booth with posters saying ¨'where do we go after death' and 'why does god permit suffering' then we had pamphlets, books of mormon, and we contacted, contacted, contacted. And there are a LOT of people. It is a huge holiday here. EVERYONE goes. We defenitely contacted a lot of people, and it was an experience never to forget!! A catholic church was inside preaching and started announcing that there was a church outside protesting giving out pamphlets that had citations from the Bible that were false....um..... Then a jewish man went by telling us to leave and drink our coffee...woot!!! Lots of people were really turned off when we started talking about the Book of Mormon. But like I said, an experience I may not ever have again!! 

So we did that for about 4 hours in the morning (had burns to prove the work!!). Then aferresting for a bit we went tohelp a member move a semitruck full of house furniture from Costa Rica into his house. We spent 4 hours with all of the missionaries and a few members moving. It was a LOT of work but a lot of fun. The pciture below is us afterwards. The Elders shirts were white! AFter the service I felt the spirit testify to me that the church is true!!! Not all groups of people would be willing to help people like people in the church are. What a great organization we are part of!!! We work hard to make sure that everyone feels loved and gets the help that they need. I love the church!!! So great to be part of it!!!! But we left so extrememly tired!!! And our arms are still sore. But I loved it!! 

This week is my lsat week with Hna. Lopez!!! Can't believe how fast it has all gone. I am trying not to think of who my next companion will be because I don't want to be nervous!!! But know it will be good. We won't know until a few days before transfers who is training....so you will know next monday!!!! 

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for everything!!! Thank you for all of your sacrifices and for you love. I hope you all are doing well and loving life even though it is hard. Just look for those little moments of goodness that help us keep moving through the bad. I know the church is true, and know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us!!! 

Have a GREAT week!!!!

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