Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Paiz de Ants

Hola hola!! From the paiz de ants!!! That is my new nickname for Nicaragua:)
I hope all is going well with all of you!! Sounds like beth is doing well with being all alone...don't know about you, mom. Is there enough to do to keep you busy or do you come home to an empty house?
This week has been a lot better!!! I decided this week that i was going to really put my heart into the work, and just do my best everyday. The Lord really has helped me out. I felt last week and the begining of this week that things were just so hard and I didn't know exactly what the Lord wanted me to learn from it. But the Lord really does give miracles. But those miracles come after we have done everything that we possibly can. I had had a few hard days, and thenThursday was a GREAT day. My companion and I were working well together, taught great lessons, and found positive people. The Lord really is there.
Tuesday we went to a multizone activity that was REALLY godd. The topic was come, follow me. So there were talks and workshops on how to be one with our companion, with Chrsit, with our bishop and ward, and more. The spirit was very strong and we were all lifted up and feuled to go work hard again for the week. The President and his wife really are called of God and know how to strenghten this mission! We spent all day in Managua for the activity. It was fun to see some of the other missionaries serving here in this mission! Missions are great!! Everyone has the same goals (or at least we hope!) and we all build each opther up.
We have this really great investigator named Leonardo. I found him with my trainer one day. we were walking from an appointment and he was out working in his yard/hill. He called out to us and asked us a question about where in the Bible it talked about the BOM. Iu thought he wanted to fight with us. but we gave him a pamphlet of Lesson 1 and left. The next time we saw him he talked about how there was a need for the restoration (wow!!). So right now he is our favorite investigator. He has such a powerful testimony!! He knows that God lives and the spirit is very strong when he talks with us. The only problem is his health (he is pretty old and has lots of problems). Sunday we were sitting in church, and none of our investigators had shown up...then 20 minutes before sacrament ended he walked in!! That was another miracle!! He said he wants to know more about the chruch before baptism (he wants to wait until December....yikes!!!) We are trying to help him change his mind about taht oine :)
One of our investigators (justo cesar). The teenager who was one of my favorites does not know if he wants to be baptized....that is KILLING me!!! He has GREAT potential. I can see him as a leader in the church. But he won't be clear with us as to what is wrong. he says the church has too many rules and he can't have fun. So we think that he has broken the Law of Chastity and feels bad. We hope this week to help figure out what happened with him! his friend Lornel won't be able to be baptized right now because he has been drinking and smoking.....that makes me sad, too. I hope one day he can realize the church is true and how he felt with us!!
We are still contacting like maniachs here inBuena Vista! Trying to find those ready for the gospel. It is hard, but we are working on it!!!
But his week I have learned more about myself and strenghtened my relationship with my heavenly Father. Learned to rely on him, and feed off of his grace. Learned more about how the Atonement applies in my life. Because it really applies to every single facet of our lives. There is no part that it doesn't help with. i know he lives, and taht he died for us! There are some people who don't believe taht, and i am glad taht I do know it! So...follow christ!! Put him first in your life! EVerything will work out if you do. He always blesses us. Sometimes I have to look at the small thigns like the sky (which is beautiful here!) or plants or something to remind myself. But he is always there, never leaves us alone!!!
hope you are doing well!!! I love you ALL to pieces!!!!
Keep doing great things and making great choices!!!! you are the best!! And don't forget it!!
Love, your Nicaraguan Missionary!!!!!

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