Monday, September 2, 2013

Learning Confidence

Hola hola!!! Another week has gone by!!! This week has been....hard. But I will tell you the good things that went down rather than the bad :) 

It was sad because our Zone leader last week said he didn't feel like he could do it anymore and asked for emergency transfers....It makes me sad to think of that!! He was a good leader!! But so now almost everyone in our zone is different. But we had Zone Conference on Friday and they really have a good vision for our zone. Good goals and plans on how we can be better. They really want us to be unified from our companionship up to the mission which I like a lot.

We found a young woman in our branch who in the past left with the missionaries daily. So she knows ALL the lessons, how to contact, and knows our whole area. Which is nice because neither of us knows our area well. She is a very upbeat girl and fun to work with! We are blessed to have her. 

On Saturday the Hermanas in Rivas had 2 baptisms and it was very spiritual. One of them almost didn't show up but did eventually. And the teenager who was being baptized started tearing up before because he felt the spirit so strongly. The only sad thing is that on Sunday the girl did not show up to church to receive the Holy Ghost...I don't know why!! That is the crucial part. We just hope that she comes next week so that she can complete her covenant with the Lord!!

I don't have too much to tell!! Nothing too interesting has been going on. Just a lot a lot of walking, and lots and lots of contacting and talking to people. I still am working on being more confident in my teaching. It is hard but I pray hourly for the Lord's help!! My companion is a hard worker and she really does not like feeling insecure or afraid. I know I will learn a lot from her!!! 

I know that the Lord does love me!! I forget at times, but when I pray I feel it stronger. I know he puts us in places and with people to learn a lot and change the bad. The mission is the hardest thing ever, but I know I am a different person and just hope I am becoming the missionary and person the Lord needs me to be!!

I pray for you a lot!!! Keep doing great things and making good choices! I love you tons and tons!!! Ustedes son Salvaje y pilas, y tuanies!!! (the words of Nicaragua).

Oh!! Mom, Ask uncle Chris about what districts he served in Nicaragua!! I would love to know where and if I ever serve in the same area!!!

Love, Your Nicaraguan Missionary!!! (hermana Calocha!!)

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